‘your ipod cannot eject cause it contains files in use on another application’?

this might be a dumb question but i have no idea! D:

what application does it mean?/how do i find the application?/how do i fix this so i can eject my ipod properly?? Thank you

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  • Cool_Jerk98
    1 month ago

    You can get the program to release the iPod if you simply go to your music library and play a song. Do Not play the music off the iPod, but off of your hard drive. This will cause the program to forget about the iPod long enough for it to eject it.

  • Anonymous
    5 days ago

    Just eject it yourself.. Don’t worry about what itunes has to say. Just pull the cord out yourself. Than if it still says that than hold the middle button and the menu button (if thats the type of ipod it is) the screen should go blank than an apple symbol will come up and you should be right to go. Mine ALWAYS tells me i can’t disconnect it when i press eject on itunes – so i just take it off the cord myself. Usually works but if it doesnt i just do the middle menu hold thing and restart it

  • Tomasz
    7 days ago

    in my case I’ve changed usb port and it helped.

  • jon
    1 month ago

    I have had similar problems. Hit alt+ctrl+delete on your keyboard to go into the task manager. Go to the applications tab at the top and find the application using it and hit end task. If you don’t know which application is in use just keep closing them until its lets you eject your ipod.

  • Jennifer
    5 days ago

    This exact thing happened to me LAST WEEKEND! The first time, I just pulled my iPod out without even hitting eject. The battery wasn’t charged, so I put it back in. I left it there for a few hours and then it let me take it out. Make sure that iTunes is the only program open when you’re using the iPod. If your internet is up or AIM or something, that causes the “The iPod cannot be ejected because it contains files that are in use by another application” thing. Hope this helps. =)

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