Yoki mean in japanese ?

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  • tl;dr
    9 days ago

    There are two sounds an English speaker might hear as “yoki”: よき (yoki) and ようき (youki), since Japanese does not have glides, but simply lengthens a vowel sound.

    よき can mean “expectation“ or “goodness”

    ようき can mean “container”/”vessel”, “cheerful”/”season”, “ghostly”/”unearlthly”–and the colloquial meaning Erik mentioned.

    (also よっき-yokki, but that doesn’t seem to mean anything)

    Since you have provided no *context* (who said it, where, why) it is impossible to even guess. If this happens to be a name, then the meanings are virtually impossible to know unless we have the kanji (Chinese characters associated with the name).

    The result was: question unanswerable due to lack of information/context. Japanese has an *incredibly* high rate of homonyms, if you ask for explanation of a single word in romaji or hiragana, please try to include some context. Tell your friends.

  • Erik Van Thienen
    9 days ago

    “yoki” (hiragana: よき) : (anime, manga) the qi or life-force of Japanese monsters, such as the qi of yōkai, mazoku and other supernatural beings.

    Maybe related to “yō” (陽) meaning “positive”, the same character as “Yang” in the Chinese Yin and Yang, and “ki” (氣) meaning “spirit” or “energy”, the same character as “Qi” in Chinese.

  • elvenparadise
    9 days ago

    It means expectation, an assumption of what will happen, a forecast. It can also mean goodness when placed in front of a noun.

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