Will yorkie poos go back to their original color when trimmed?

I recently bought a yorkie poo and we had to trim her hair really short because it was matted, and she was mostly black with silver and tan. Now shes mostly grey and tan, will she ever be black again?

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  • Aussies Kita A-BOB!
    1 month ago

    As puppies, yorkies are black and tan. Then they ALL lighten to a blue and tan, or silver and tan. The reason your yorkie poo was black and tan was probably because she had blown her puppy coat. Nobody brushed her out, and that is why she was so matted.

    Unless her fur was black from the poodle side, then I think that you will probably have a silver and tan yorkie poo.

  • Dreamer
    1 month ago

    No. Yorkies are born mostly black and lighten to a silver-blue with tan markings. Many Yorkie mixes possess the same trait. Puppy hair in any dog is often a different color than the adult coat. If her hair has lightened, it’s going to stay light.

  • alber
    5 days ago

    White Yorkie Poo

  • Borders Rock
    1 month ago

    If she is a young dog, there is a really good chance that she will grow back to the original colour…..later, as she gets older, she MAY change color,,,,to a lighter hue.

    I am a groomer and have seen dogs go through coat color changes over the years…

    I have a totally black shi-poo cross that comes in…he gets shaved, goes out almpost silver greay but comes back black when he is grown out…he is only 2 years old…

    Other I have seen (Shih Tzu’s in particular) change coat color to a lighter hue after shaving and do not always regian the original color.

    So..it’s “hit and miss”. Sounds like yours is a pup so chanced are really good the dark shades will return.

    Hope this helped.

  • Anonymous
    5 days ago

    Well i’m not to big a fan of any dog poo. But since Yorkie poo’s are probably smaller, i’d rather pick that up than a lab’s poo.

  • bls1234
    1 month ago

    I had to do the same thing!

    I have a yorkiepoo as well and she was always rolling around and getting matts so we had to shave her 4 times. Every time she always went back to her original color with the same little white spot you will have to wait a few months before you start seeing a lot of fuzz! Hope i helped.

  • relswete
    1 month ago

    Well puppy hair is not adult hair so chances are slim..I don’t know what color poodle this yorkie was bred wiht but still not a great chance!

  • Melissa
    1 month ago

    No she is older! If you brush and wash them regularly they wont get matted

  • Anonymous
    1 month ago

    Theres not a yes or no anwasr. There is a chance and there isnt a chance.

  • Applesauce
    1 month ago

    i’m sure if you dye her she’ll be black.

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