Will new sweatshirt shrink when washed?

Bought 2 adult mens Nike collegiate sweatshirts in Large and Extra Large, and will return with cash register receipt the one that did not fit me properly when I got it home. The sweatshirts are 75 % cotton, 25 % polyester. (Reg. price $ 45.00 per shirt, sale price about $ 33.00 per shirt, plus sales tax)

Washing instructions are “machine wash warm, tumble dry low”.

The Large is close to a good fit but really needs to be slightly larger.

The Extra Large is a little bit Too Big.

When I wash this this shirt will there be any shrinkage, if so , how much ? What about keeping the extra large and trying to slightly shrink it with hot water ?


I meant to say the Extra Large is slightly too little for me.

I meant to say the Extra Large is slightly too little for me.

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  • eskie lover
    1 month ago

    Generally the higher the natural fiber content (i.e. cotton) the more propensity to shrink. Heat shrinks natural fiber whether from the water or the heat in the dryer. If you want to shrink it, wash it in warm or hot water, block it against a shirt that fits you (lay it out on the dryer and place the new shirt over it). If it is the size you want, either air dry or dry on air only setting in the dryer to maintain that size. If it is still too big, put it in the dryer on low heat and check it now and again blocking it for size against the other shirt. If you do not want to shrink the garment whatsoever, wash it in cold and hang dry.

  • ?
    4 days ago

    continuously wash them in chilly water and dry on low or medium. All cotton is severe shrinkage so dry on low for particular. Poly-cotton blends won’t decrease offering the polyester % is 50% or greater. Polyester won’t be able to decrease, so the better the quantity, the fewer shrinkage you may desire to difficulty approximately! All poly content fabric helps you to choose no particular care whilst washing in any respect! yet do examine the labels and wash thus.

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