Will bobby pins set off the metal detectors in the airport?

I’m leaving to the airport soon & I have about 4 bobby pins in my hair. Will they search me & make me take them out?? I really need them for my hair.. please help

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  • Redstone
    5 days ago

    You can keep them in your hair. As the others have alluded to, you are likely to go through the body scanner rather than the walk-through metal detector unless you are TSA Pre✓.

    That being said, should the bobby pins alarm (unlikely) you will simply get a pat-down around the head area. You will not be asked to remove them.

  • JEM
    5 days ago

    Chances are that they won’t set them off, but if they do it is not a big deal… you seem to be overreacting about this.

    Women are able to walk through while wearing a bra (with underwire) and have no issues.

    If it goes off they will ASK you if you have anything on your person with metal. That is when you simply say “I think it is my bobby pins”, they will then wave their handheld metal detector over you to find the area of your body with the metal. If it is your head, they won’t have any problems just telling you to keep moving.

    Don’t be dramatic about it either. If they tell you to take them out, just take them out. Your not Beyonce or anything.

  • MS
    5 days ago

    First, it’s not likely that you will go through a metal detector. You will probably go through a body scanner.

    Either way, if the bobby pins trigger an alert or alarm, they will not likely ask you to remove them. They will use the handheld wand or a visual search to identify the source, and will send you on your way.

  • ?
    5 days ago

    They’re not likely to set off the alarm. However, if the alarm were to go off, they would just pass a wand around your body to see what caused it. Once they realize the source, they will have no reason to touch your hair and will just allow you to pass through.

  • Anonymous
    5 days ago

    Possibly. I was stopped once for a very small barrette. They didn’t make me take it out- they just took me over to the side and wanded me. But if you go through the one where you stand with your hands up and it scans you, it doesn’t react to metal like that.

  • AJ
    5 days ago

    Unless you have TSA preCheck, you don’t go through metal detectors.

  • ?
    5 days ago

    Only if you shape them into looking like a handgun

  • Roger K
    5 days ago


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