why was sailor moon cancelled?

so i can tell me friend

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  • Itty
    1 month ago

    Short simple answer, we had a contract to show it and sell it but that contract expired in 2004 and we never renewed it. Very disappointing, I know…especially considering that the StarS (5th) season was never dubbed….. :'(

  • misteranimefan
    1 month ago

    The english dubbed version of Sailor Moon stopped being aired because DIC entertainment (Television production company in North America owning the rights to air Sailor Moon) lost the rights to Sailor Moon after the due period of time. And maybe as Sailor Moon has been tagged with an adjective were backdated and they didn’t bother to renew the license. The original television production company in Japan owning all the legal rights to Sailor Moon(the anime),known as the TOEI Animation,got involved in a dispute with Naoko Takeuchi,the creator of the Sailor Moon manga. Naoko Takeuchi was the one who actually originated the character Sailor Moon(along with the manga SailorV),got depressed with TOEI’s behavior and instantly cut off all the relationships between her and TOEI. And to the despair of every obsessed Sailor Moon fan out there,her action caused TOEI to lose all the rights to Sailor Moon,additionally, strictly prohibiting them from airing the Sailor Moon episodes in TV anymore. Lots of Sailor Moon fans have later tried to persuade her by sending numerous emails,letters to her address,but she sticks to her decision still now. Finally,although, one of the hardest facts to accept is that Sailor Moon is not going to be aired in tv anymore. But on YouTube there is some episodes that are English Dubbed if you or your friend wants to see the episodes.

  • ☻robstalobsta☺
    1 month ago

    I am sorry, I didn’t’ know it was, cartoon’s just get canceled, I watched every episode for a couple years there when they first started playing it on cartoon network, had my vcr all set to record it… and I am a guy, GOSH I AM SUCH A NERD

    don’t worry, remind your friend it was an extremely popular show and they are going to come out with some retro remake in 5-10 years that is going to suck!

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