Why put foil on door knobs when alone?

Why wrap your doorknob in aluminum foil when alone? What happens if you wrap the door handle in foil and watch?

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  • Nancie Pecora
    91 days ago

    It has nothing to do with aliens. The aliens discovered this trick and developed a workaround years ago.However, if you’re in the United States and you live in the country, the foil will help discourage Bigfoot from entering your home.

    My cousin lives in Northern California and he has been putting foil on his doorknob for years. Not once has Bigfoot entered his home.

    On a more practical level, you will have to remove the foil in order to lock/unlock the door, and this may help prevent you from locking yourself out.

    By the way, the foil can become charged with static electricity, releasing negative ions that create feelings of peace and contentment. If you are home alone, this effect can take the edge off any loneliness or fear you may feel.

    Finally, if you’re using an old school television for entertainment, the foil can help you get better reception.

    Whenever I’m home alone with an old TV, and I’m feeling anxious about Bigfoot or getting locked out of the house, I always put aluminum foil on my doorknob. Highly recommended.

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