why most of the people in Pampanga Philippines are boasful(mayabang)?

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  • delive_rance
    1 month ago

    For your information, all Filipinos whether they are from this region or that are boastful(mayabang). Nasa tao iyon wala sa region. You should have included ILOKANOS too. I myself personally do not like people from the northern part of the Philippines, except Bulakan from Pampanga, Pangasinan to Ilocos. They are boastful by nature. Maybe because of their culture & tradition. Mga ilokano for instance they will talk on ilokano even while those around them do not understand ilokano language, even if they are all Filipinos. Kung baga nasa dugo na yata iyon. There is one who complain about these ilokano gesture here at Yahoo. Why they do such thing. Natural na sa kanila iyon, I met and mingle with ilokanos and I find that gesture really true. They only talk in Tagalog when they realize everyone is looking at them.

    The Kapampangan on the other hand is also written in their nature. They boast on their lifestyle. They will decorate themselves with lots of jewelry but their family is starving to death. See most OFW from pampanga when they arrive in the Philippines. Todo isputing. Well dressed rings all over their fingers. Necklace all over their neck. Cellphones probably 3 or 5 they owned. Well I guess your estimation or conclusion are quite true. You can’t help it, it is in their genes perhaps. So just follow the simple phrase- live and lets live.

  • Big B
    1 month ago

    Pampanga is probably one of the richest – if not the richest province in the philippines. The amount of money that the government was making from the Clark airbase and Subic Naval base, plus the amounts of tourists in the red light district of of Angeles. Also areas such as Bulucan are very well to do areas.

    Even trike riders in pampanga would do very well with the amount of poreigners there who they overcharge by at least 30-40 pesos. Trike riders could be making as much as 1,000 pesos a day.

    Pampanga is – compared to other provinces – more politically important. No wonder Arroyo wants to take over as congresswoman from her son there.

    I wouldnt say they were boastful. But they do have alot more opportunities than most filipinos would outside of Manila. Pampangas close proximity to manila makes it desirable to live as well – rather than live actually in dirty Manila.

  • Chookie
    5 days ago

    Hi, how are you? I’am currently living in with my Kapampangan partner and his Mom in one house. I can truly say with my experience with them for a few years, I noticed that Kapampangan’s are rude, arrogant, feeling rich and they would always feel they have offer something when they don’t have anything, just to boast.

    I love my boyfriend that’s why I still stay with him, however I can seriously feel that I want to give up. I hate Kapampangan’s except my boyfriend & I understand why you would question such a thing. 85% of the Filipino’s who met Kapampangan’s will tell you how bad their values & the way they act religious is horrible. Nobody is perfect, I’am not judging anyone cause I know how it feels to be judged but then this is base on my experience. Since I stayed with my bf I never felt happiness anymore with his Mom. Sadly, I will have to make a decision soon. I hope this helps, just a piece of advice if you love yourself, don’t make any decisions that will cause your happiness.

  • BRAG Queen
    1 month ago

    Are they related to the original Brag Queen of YAP. If yes, then they are really boastful (mayabang at mahangin).

  • ?
    6 days ago

    That is their culture. Their kahambugan (boastfulness) was passed on from generations to generations. I work here overseas and most of kapampangans never bother to take a loan just to indulge on their extravagance

  • it takes time
    1 month ago

    You should listen to this moron. bwahahahaha


    listen to what he said starting from 4:15… he is pampanga’s best!!! best in “K”

  • boyplakwatsa.com
    1 month ago

    That is a label attached by non-Kapampangans to Kapampangans. But I have met a lot od kapampangans and I can not say they are boasrful. Just more confident, i guess.

  • Anonymous
    1 month ago

    I thought people from Antipolo, Rizal are.

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