why many single mothers in the Philippines?

i talk with many filippinas but 70% of them are single mothers


dont get me wrong, im not say 70% of the filipinas girls, i say 70% of the filipinas i talk to them.

dont get me wrong, im not say 70% of the filipinas girls, i say 70% of the filipinas i talk to them.

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  • papars
    1 month ago

    About three years ago, I had done a study on this phenomenon for a major development agency for Asia. The results were truly startling:

    1: The number of Filipina single moms is not as high as you claim- 70%. That’s completely wrong. The average is about 50% though no exact statistics exist. Usually, while filing a birth certificate, the names of BOTH the parents are mentioned and hence, there exists no known system to identify which child was born of a single mother.

    2: The Roman Catholic church in the Philippines is very strong politically and hence, abortion is legally banned in the Philippines. This means, a pregnant woman has to go through the pregnancy and deliver the child, regardless of the consequences to herself and her family or the child itself.

    3: Poor education and promotion of methods of contraception such as birth control pills, condoms etc. In Asia, the other nation that does not promote birth control is Indonesia- due to religious reasons. Thailand, Cambodia, Vietnam, Myanmar and other ASEAN states have a clear policy on birth control. China and India lead in this sphere, being the world’s two most populous countries. China strictly enforces the 1-child per family policy while India, being a democracy, educates its populace about birth control via ads on the TV, radio and other media.

    4: Permissive society:. As a result, many mature adolescents are allowed to indulge in whatever activity they want, without any parental control, in most cases. Having a boyfriend or girlfriend soon after attaining puberty are considered as normal due to the permissiveness of the society.

    5: Overburdened educational system: The lack of proper educational facilities in the Philippines forces many adolescents to abandon study after a certain number of years. Due to rampant poverty, such persons seek financial independence and end up with love affairs at an immature age.

    6: Promiscuity promoted by TV and media: Philippines is the ONLY country in the world where transvestite and gays are allowed to flaunt themselves openly on public TV. Even in other permissive societies such as Sweden or the Netherlands, there are seperate channels for the transgender/ gay and transvestite communities. TV channels in the Philippines also air soap operas where sexual promiscuity is subtly promoted.

    7: Weakness of the religious institutions: While the Roman Catholic church is a formidable political force, it has done very little for the overall welfare of the Filipino citizens. Abortion is banned thanks to the church. The same church turns a blind eye to what the Bible would deem as “sexual immorality.”

    8: Weak family ties: Often, parents ignore what their kids are up to after they have attained a particular age. The child is expected to be independent.

    Since you say that 70% of Filipinas you met were single mothers, it’s most likely you are living in some place in the Arabian Gulf. That region is a place where more single mothers go for work to give their kids a better life. Incidentally, female kids left alone in the care of grandparents or other relatives are also prone to end up as single mothers.

    Several international organizations involved in the development of Asia are concerned about the high ratio of single moms in the Philippines because it threatens to become a socio-economic menace. For example, some single moms may not be able to afford education for some or all of her kids and in most circumstances, such children can take to drug abuse and/ or crime. In view of the existing poverty and low education, such children can become ideal recruits for any terror network- since job opportunities for these citizens will be lower.

    Discussing the issue of single moms in the Philippines is still a taboo and many people simply shun even mention of the topic.

    A couple of other researchers, including one from the Philippines, had submitted a detailed report on the issue. I hope this answer suffices your query.

  • Charles
    5 days ago

    The reason there are so many single mothers in the philippines is the archaic divorce laws ,,, philippine women know that if they marry a man they are stuck with him so they have the children , but not the man ,, until divorce become legal like the rest of the sensible world ,,, women will have kids out of wedlock ,,, good luck to them

  • Johny
    1 month ago

    Nah it wouldn’t be that high. I can honestly say that alot of them have kids earlier but in all my experience and time in the Philippines I cannot agree with that percentage. In any case the reason why some are single is because of afew reasons. First of all Filipinos have different views on alot of things including when it comes to sex. True alot of girls are still reserved in that department but some are heavily influence by alot of things such as people on tv and etc to think and act more sexily. Thus there are those who have sex earlier and without much prior thought.

    That and afew other things such as a couples relationship and their combined income and more importantly how their parents are about the whole thing. I personally know quiet afew young girls who have had a child or more and are raising them with the on and off help of the father. It’s not like the father has abandoned them its more of a he may not make enough to be able to buy a house for all of them to live in and other circumstances which prevent that too. Don’t forget people in the Philippines only get paid about 10 bucks a day so go figure how hard that would be to help raise a family.

    But yeah there are alot of single mothers out there aswell who have just made that mistake and they were either young or didn’t know better but you get that. The percentage of 70 percent is just grossly incorrect but there are more than people would think. It’s a sad situation but if you spend enough time there you understand thats just a part of life for some people there.

  • 36
    1 month ago

    wow, papars, it was an in dept explanation.

    additionally, the filipino culture is very compassionate, forgiving to those that have wronged the society, they tend to say , “bahala na God sa kanila maghusga- It’s up to God how to judge them”

    if this were in islamic culture, family feud would erupt, the guy or girl’s life would be in threat. and the law of islam would punish those who indulge in unlawful sex,even if both are unmarried.

    but in fairness, i hear that some mothers preferred to be single moms if their husbands are irresponsible drunkards, bad provider, abusive etc.

    and on the other hand, because society now has the trend that beauty and youthfulness is very sought after, the males tend to go after the fresh, young and beautiful replacing and leaving the woman who is faded by age.That’s the consequence of having big amount of money and not charter as the choice for a mate. Many males by nature who are endowed with fame,power, riches would tend to seek only the young and pretty and damp them when some new ones are discovered.

  • ?
    5 days ago

    single mothers philippines

  • Anonymous
    6 days ago

    70% Where did u get your numbers? based on statistic in 2011 Philippines has population of 95.05 Million and 1.7 million birth out of wedlock. Philippine Culture is quite different if they got a child without married they are being humiliated and ridiculed by society also their is a tendency for refusal of baptism. 70% are Roman Catholic, Church has huge impact in their everyday living.

  • spectran
    7 days ago

    Easy to obtain birth certificate even without marriage certificate.. Sex out of marriage, bf hiding and be single mothers especially teenagers.

  • Melvin
    1 month ago

    Filipinas nowadays are either not educated or very promiscuous. I see them all the time. The “not educated” group I see back home; all they wanna do is f*ck. They’re usually the ones that easily fall for the “hot” boy next door. They get themselves screwed up, and their supposedly “wonderful” boyfriends leave them in the trash. Go figure.

    The “very promiscuous” group I see here abroad. They’re always on the phone, talking to different guys each and every time. And while they’re here they usually have boyfriends on the side even if they’re already married back home. They flirt with other guys to get what they want. Heck, when you’re so far away from home you need to relieve that itch, would you not? And when they’re discovered all hell breaks loose!! A story fitting for MMK. Now they go home as single moms.

    Filipinas who are smart, independent, mature, and loyal are very hard to find. So if you think you got one, lucky you.

  • Anonymous
    5 days ago

    check out the website of NSO (National Statistics Office – Philippines). you sure can get a reliable answer.

  • Anonymous
    1 month ago

    are you telling us that 7 out of the 10 filipina ladies you know are single mothers? hard to believe.

    or is that you know 7 filipinas and 5 of them are single mothers? widen your circle of friends. thats all i can say.

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