Why is this guy being so mean to me?

We’ve been in the same class for about 2 years now. He used to like me a lot for almost a year and he would do anything to get me to like him, but I wouldn’t. Now he likes my best friend and she likes him as well and it’s like they’re going out but they’re not official and they both deny it. We’re all in the same friend group and everyone likes him and although I’ve found him annoying before it hasn’t been as bad as recently. He used to be really nice to me and he was someone i felt i could always rely on. Now, he’s being really mean to me for no reason saying things like I’m ugly (which i know he doesn’t really believe because he liked me for a very long time before) then when I told him it’s too far he said he was joking and then later on he Said that I’m ugly again. He also teases me about the way my nose looks which isn’t even bad. And today he read a few lines of my essay and started saying it was **** and I pulled the essay away from him and acted like I didn’t care what he said.

The thing that bugs me most is that he only seems to do this only to such and extend (saying I’m ugly) when we’re alone or with me being the Only female in the group. We’re almost 15 if that helps. It’s really upsetting me. I think maybe he’s starting to like me again and that’s his way of convincing himself I’m not good or something.

What should I do? And I can’t stay away from him because he’s liked by everyone in our friend group as well as the fact that him and my best friend are in a sort of relationship.

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  • Johnny Jacobs
    8 days ago

    As a guy, I’d say a lot of the female answers here have got it completely wrong. If he’s being mean, that is no way he’s ever trying to secretly give off signals that he likes you or whatever. What it really means is that he’s being a bit mean to you because he doesn’t really like you anymore. He probably feels frustrated at how you never gave him a chance before when he was really nice to you before and now ultimately thinks less of you.

  • ccorridon
    8 days ago

    Just ignore him completely. Stop treating him as a friend. You don’t have to avoid him or stop being part of the group, just do not interact with him. If your best friend asks why you refuse to interact with him then tell her that he’s being mean to you and you don’t appreciate the treatment and you’ve told him but he keeps doing it so you’re just not going to interact with him anymore.

    If he asks why, tell him. You could say something like “You never have anything nice to say to me anymore and if you can’t be civil, then I can’t be bothered to talk to you.”

    If he’s treating you mean because he likes you, then he’s being extremely immature. That’s what 7-8 year old boys do, you know, tug the hair of the girl they like.

    Now, be warned that because your best friend and him are sort of dating, she may confront him and he may lie to her and she may believe him. Then she may turn on you. But then again, that may be a blessing in disguise because it will show you if she is TRULY your best friend or not. After all, she should know you well enough to know you wouldn’t lie to her…..

    God bless and good luck.

  • Nikka
    8 days ago

    Lol, that’s cute. Boys are like that. They make plans to make you really feel annoyed so when you are alone at night, going to sleep, you will think of him, and only him, asking yourself if you like him, and why you are annoyed by him; is it because he always calls me ugly, or is it because i am falling in love with him? Those are some tricks boys do. Give him a hint that you like him. And eventually he will stop, and he will probably start asking his self again 😉

  • ?
    8 days ago

    Stand up to him, confront him. Tell him to stop bugging you or you’ll tell your friend that she’s dating a jerk. Ask why he’s acting this way. Any of the above, really. You won’t get any answers by just trying to ignore him :/

  • caraohara
    8 days ago

    Him being 15 yrs old , says it all …at his age he has not been officially given his brain yet ….that usually happens around 19-20 yrs old . I suggest you tell him to grow up and stop acting like a nasty / naughty child .

  • Diane
    8 days ago

    if i were you i won’t like the boy ,because he isn’t like a girl really .it will break up your friendship among your friends.

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