Why is there gas coming out of Muffler of my snowblower?

When I try and start my snowblower it won’t stay running, when i pull the rope to start it a lot of gas comes out of the muffler.. It is an older Ariens 937 series. Any info would be appreciated!!


The engine is a 2 cycle..

The engine is a 2 cycle..

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  • colin w
    1 month ago

    it sounds like your carburetter needs cleaning if it not been used for awhile the float valve gets stuck open take it to a mechanic for a service when you store it in summer drain all fuel from carburetter

  • Rob G
    1 month ago

    The float valve is stuck open allowing gas to run out of the tank and fill up the carb bowl and overflow into the cylinder, then when you crank the engine you are blowing out the raw gas. You should rebuild the carburetor or at least clean the gum and varnish from the needle valve

  • smokey
    1 month ago

    is the motor a 2 cycle or a 4 cycle.

  • fuzzykjun
    1 month ago

    all these guys are wrong,,, you have a stuck intake valve,, it is either bent or the spring is broken which allows the gas to keep flowing even when its suppose to be shut off during combustion

  • Scott
    1 month ago

    it’s getting too much gas and not burning it. take it to a small engine mechanic along with your checkbook, credit card, and birth certificate.

  • Anonymous
    1 month ago

    sounds like the choke is on and if not there’s a problem with the carb.

  • ?
    1 month ago


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