Why is there a BMW 3 series called “South Africa”?? What does that mean?

Hey guys Ive seen like four BMW 3 series with the name South Africa next to it?? What does that mean, is it a limited edition here in the states or something? What does it stand for and whats the difference between a basic BMW 328i and a South Africa BMW 328i sedan??

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  • jay
    10 hours ago

    Typically what you’ll see is 328i SA, that SA does stand for South Africa and refers only to the factory it was built at.

    For 3 series cars there are factories in Germany and South Africa, the cars are built to identical specs using identical parts. Without looking at the vin or build sheet, one would have no way of knowing any difference.

  • ?
    5 days ago

    A little more information would be needed to give a real answer. “Porsche” covers more than 50 years of cars with a wide range of models… and even BMW 3 series covers quite a range of years and models. However, very few of either possible selection here would be ideally suited as a car for a college student. Both are reliable and usable cars, but ones better suited to post college when you can keep more than one car: I’ve had both Porsches and BMWs in the past (a couple 3 series), and neither were my only car. Since I don’t know the specific models you are actually considering, the plus on the Porsche side is a generalization… they are sports cars. BMW, while offering performance, is more of a sporty car. But back to the original question… with the lack of specifics, the BMW would probably be the more practical choice between these two. And the fact that you are asking probably means that many of the thing Porsche enthusiasts love about Porsches are not on your priority list (if they were, you would have already decided on the Porsche). Any of the BMW 3 series cars are good, fun, and would make a great car to own… and probably the better choice in this case. Might have a different suggestion given more information… but as it is, that’s it.

  • Anonymous
    6 days ago

    Built in South Africa

    As means “stay away”!

  • I swear on a stack of bibles
    10 hours ago

    Usually it just means where it was made. However the South African ones have usually been made with additional extra parts or even an unusual to the rest of the production plants engine choice. Some people refer it to the South African Package

    The South African package is things like extra heavy duty cooling system and other things.

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