Why is my Portable Space Heater making a vibrating noise?

I have 2 EdenPURE Space Heater 1000XL. They used to belong to my grandfather so I don’t know how old they are. Sometimes they make a small, annoying, rattling noise. If I bump the back of the heaters the rattling stops temporarily but it always starts again. I think it is coming from the back. There is nothing touching the heaters. How can I make it stop making noise?

Also one of the heaters does not keep the room warm. It is in the bathroom which is VERY small. But even on maximum heat it does not keep the bathroom warm in the winter. I think last year it worked fine and could make the bathroom too hot. Now it can’t keep it comfortably warm. What could be the problem?

4 Answers

  • Liteyes
    10 hours ago

    It old is all and just move it around usually on a carpet it won”t rattle if it also has alot of dust in it hair also could be wrapped around the fan.

  • yourethebuilder
    10 hours ago

    It sounds like the fan may have come loose which would cause a vibration noise.I believe the other heater has a broken element which would prevent it from working.If you’re handy at working on things,open up both heaters,not plugged in of course and you should find a broken wire in the one and loose parts at the fan area with the other.

  • Anonymous
    5 days ago

    There can be many problems like the bad relay, bad transformer, fan motor damage, heat coil damage.

    Plese consult the technicians to fix it.

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  • maselli
    4 days ago

    Edenpure 1000xl

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