why is my hair dye washing out everytime i shower?

i just recently dyed my hair a reddish brown color with blonde hi lights in it. (before this i was a natural blonde) this is my first time dying my hair with the exception of having highlights and lowlights done many different times. its been 3 days since i have got my hair done and both times that i have showere- the day after and then again yesterday- it turns the water a red color. should i be concerned about this? how can i prevent my hair from losing it’s new color?

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  • Slayaa
    1 month ago

    red hair is SO hard to keep! trust me, i’ve been dying it red since i was 14 ;]

    anyway, buy shampoo and conditioner for either red hair only, or coloured hair. try to take colder showers as well, as they won’t open your hair’s cuticles and make the colour bleed out more.

    when you shampoo your hair, try to be gentle and rinse out the shampoo quickly. then take longer with the conditioner to really let it sink in.

    the bleeding will stop eventually, but that will be after it has faded a bit/alot.

    hope this helps!

  • walvick
    5 days ago

    Yes, the primary few washes would be the worst then it is going to bleed much less and no more as time is going on… it would stain materials (like customarily your towel) a little bit however now not vastly… it shouldnt rub off on garments whilst its dry although, when you use sonditioner it must support it final a little bit longer, the silicon within the conditioner coats the hair and maintains extra of the dye in

  • Anonymous
    1 month ago

    Darker colors, esp reds tend to wash out really quickly! I color my hair like once a month and it just washes out to a red brown nasty color.

    The best things to do is to 1. color over blonde hair, idk why but it sticks to it better, but it will fade.

    2. Wash your hair every other day, which is actually better for hair growth, shine, and nutrients.

    3. Get a color protecting shampoo and conditioner. I know for sure herbal essences makes it, and I’m sure most other companies do too.

  • ?
    1 month ago

    Any sort of red hair dye tends to bleed out the most. What you could do is to wash it every other day to preserve the color, and when you do wash it, keep it conditioned.

  • leia
    1 month ago

    yeah it’s always red hair that’s hard to maintain, I have a permanent auburn (red-brown) dye and I have to shower every 2-4 days to preserve it better. remember to use color treated shampoo and conditioner!

  • ME
    1 month ago

    red is hard to maintain, but Im guessing the reason why the colour is still washing out is because your hair is very damaged and the hair colour can’t cling onto your hair try using colour shampoos and products for damaged hair

  • Loe
    1 month ago

    if you did it out of a box it will defentily do this and if you got it done professionally it will doit to because its trying to get the extra color its gonna lighten but not by much. you will barley be able to tell

  • mccarty
    4 days ago

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