why is my canary sitting in his food dish?

i dont kno wats wrong with him but his feathers also look a lil messed up, nd i keep seein him in his food dish nd it looks like hes sleeping, i thought he was dead, hes never sat in the food be4

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  • Catherine .
    1 month ago

    Your bird could just be hungry, because birds will often sit in their food dishes and eat, but since it looks like it is sleeping, it sounds sick, take it to a vet ASAP, and definitely don’t listen if people tell you to give it medicine or something on here, most people just guess and you may end up killing your bird by giving it something it shouldn’t have.

    The signs of a sick bird are usually…

    Puffed-up feathers.

    Tail-bobbing when breathing.

    Not eating their favorite food.

    Half-closed or closed eye(s) for much of the time.

    Sleeping excessively.

    Bad posture when at rest.

    Discharge/wetness around the nose.

    Throwing up/getting undigested or half-digested food stuck to the cage in weird places.

    Poop sticking to the vent feathers.

    Discolored, undigested, or runny poop.

    Ragged, poorly preened feathers.

    Sneezing. Especially if it’s frequent.

    Lack of energy.

    Sudden temperament change. It might be just hormones or a bad feather day … or it could be something else.

    Weight loss.

    Crooked beak/crooked toenails.

    In budgies, crusted-over nose (cere) and/or feet – A possible sign of mites.

    Dull feathers/feathers with unnatural banding.

    Plucked or falling feathers.

    Any sign of blood!

    If your bird ever shows these symptoms, take it to your closest vet (preferably avian) immediately. Birds hide signs of illness until it gets really bad, so don’t put a visit to the vet off for much longer… and DO NOT listen if anyone on here tells you to use any medicine, etc. if you have to wait for a vet to open, just wait…

    Good Luck 🙂

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