Why don’t my Shih Tzu’s tail curl?

does this mean hes not pure bred? the people i got him from said he was, but i also read that all pure bred shih tzu’s tails curl over their backs.

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  • PitGrl
    1 month ago

    If your dog doesn’t have papers/pedigree then the chances are you bought a designer dog. However, if you do have papers, it is most likely that your dog has a genetic defect that causes his tail not to curl. Every dog is different, and not all dogs adhere to breed standards. For example, my female Dachshund’s nose and ears were too short, and so were her legs. She had horrible conformation. I got her as a pet so it really didn’t matter, but after doing some research I found out that she didn’t adhere to the breeds standards in a lot of ways. However, my male AKC blk/tan adheres to the standard in every way.

    Its all in what you get. Some dogs are better built than others. If your dog is a pet, I wouldn’t worry about the tail. I have a mutt, and I love him just the same. I really don’t think it matters what breed a dog is or if it is pure bred. All that matters is that you love the dog, and it loves you.

  • duesenberg
    5 days ago

    Shih Tzu Tails

  • Animal-Lover
    1 month ago

    Here is a picture of a pure bred Shih Tzu:


    Here is a Picture of a Mix Shih Tzu:


    When i look at these pictures and then compare them, i don’t think that neither of them have a curled tail. originally Shih Tzu’s don’t have Curled Tails

  • Anonymous
    4 days ago

    sure, a shih-tzus tail ought to curl over that is lower back. I do have a shih-tzu nevertheless whose tail would not curl like the others do. Your shih-tzu sounds like a brindle. uncommon colours are blues, reds and dark livers (chocolate colored).

  • Hekate
    1 month ago

    Does it always not curl? I know my shih-tzu leaves her tail down sometimes. If she’s sad, for example, her tail droops. My Papillon mix’s tail does the same thing. And not every purebred dog looks the same.

  • Anonymous
    1 month ago

    No not all of them do, my friend brought a pure bred shi tzu and his tail did not curl.

  • mccoyblues
    1 month ago

    His curling tail is also a sign of happiness. If he’s stressed or scared his tail won’t curl.

    If his hair is long his tail should curl when he is content.

  • Kim
    6 days ago

    just had puppies.when do tails curl?

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