Why don’t my family include me in things?

My family seem to leave me out of everything, they don’t consult with me about anything, they just assume I’ll go with whatever they want and they never include me in celebrations like tonight they’re celebrating my brothers engagement but i wasn’t invited but the rest of my family was so I’m really hurt by that, any advice?

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  • ?
    9 days ago

    I agree, it hurts, I know exactly how you feel. You can call and ask, play innocent and say very sweetly, did you mean to invite me or am I not included in this party. Don’t be accusatory, just say it in a way to impose some guilt on them and see what happens, how they respond. Play dumb but let them know that you’ve noticed – be sly as a fox and innocent as a baby when you try to get answers. And try and be objective to see how they respond. Don’t let it get personal at this point, try to find out what’s going on. And for my part, I’m sorry you have to go through this – I’ve been through it for years and it hurts badly. I’ve just written them off for the most part.

  • Christy E
    7 days ago

    Is there a culture/lifestyle difference? I do not associate very much with my family because I do not agree with the way they live. My sister lives in a filthy house and her son is 24 no job leaches off of her and smokes pot all day. I do not want my own children to be influenced by them. The only time I go to her home is on holidays, which rarely, or something else like that. I do wish things were different. I love her but not the way she lives. Are you living a life they disagree with? Have you voiced an opinion toward the way they live? It may be that they don’t think you will be interested in attending. All you can do is be open with them share how you feel and go from there. Good luck.

  • Anonymous
    4 days ago

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  • Deb————–
    6 days ago

    I am being treated like you. I give, they take. I feel I’m being used and they only know me when they need. I am never invited to functions. I will become a hermit. I decided to love myself first. Who needs humans anyway. All they do is hurt you. I will live in my bubble 4 ever.

  • ?
    9 days ago

    I’ve got the same problem depends on your age and things really I’m 24 and loved by myself for the last 5 years so it doesn’t really bother me now. Just say to your mam and dad why do I keep getting left out of everything I don’t feel like you care about me. My email is v[email protected] if you ever need someone to talk to

  • Danielle
    6 days ago

    my family says that everytime im around its an episode. I feel like my mom is the only one who cares if im around.. the rest of my family only wants me around when it benefits them… They have had functions where i am not even invited… part that hurts is that i would do anything for them and as soon as they show a sign of care i forget everything so i can feel that love… its hard.. i been away from my family almost ten years and i dont understand why no one wants me around. i have anxiety and depression.. i suffer from fibromyalgia and other things associated with chronic pain and no one really checks on me but my mom… should i just forget about the rest of my family.. they forget i exist sometimes… dont have to many friends to talk to so email me if anyone cares to respond.

    thanks [email protected]

  • ?
    9 days ago

    Maybe try calling someone someone like your mom or dad every couple weeks and just talk and see how they are doing. This will make them know you care about them. Maybe try to bring it up a little, but don’t force it. Don’t be like “Why the **** was I not invited”, be like “Oh has anything came up lately?”

  • Alice
    9 days ago

    You could try asking the family member to whom you are the closest what is going on with that.

  • Rick M
    9 days ago

    How old are you anyway? Your grammar is that of a young child. But if you want to know why your family “doesn’t” include you in family functions then ask them, not us.

  • Tiesha
    9 days ago

    I can’t really give any. They just don’t like you. That’s probably a sign you should distance yourself from them.

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