Why doesn’t Pearle Vision sell glasses that comes with clip-on sunglasses?

My dad has worn glasses all his life and whenever he walks outside on a sunny day, he needs sunglasses. So, he used to use clip-on sunglasses because all he had to do was clip-on the sunglasses and he was good to go. But when my dad had his eyes checked a few months ago and his vision changed slightly, he bought a new pair of glasses. When he questioned which frames comes with clip on sunglasses, the lady at Pearle Vision told him that they don’t make those anymore and that he needs to buy another set of glasses as sunglasses. Not only did this cost my dad a lot more money, but now he has to carry around two pairs of glasses as opposed to just carrying the small clip-ons like he used to.

Why on earth does Pearle Vision not sell these clip-ons anymore?

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  • David E
    9 days ago

    Let me start by telling you that frames with clips are still available. Your father’s success with them has not been the norm. Many people like the idea but can’t keep up with the clip so they don’t want them a second time. I can’t tell you why someone else does not sell a product. It is possible that they were not selling very well for them. It is also kind of inconvenient keeping the frames and clips together. I know I have several orphan clips in my office.

    The frame stylist may not have known that clips are still available. Pearl Vision may have a very short list of suppliers, none of which carry clips. She may have lied to make another sale.

    Frames with magnetic clips are still available and will be for years. If they are not offered where your father has his next eye exam, he needs to take his prescription elsewhere.

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    4 days ago

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  • Cheri
    9 days ago

    He can buy clipons at Walmart, Walgreens or KMART stores. They have a big selection of the Solar Shield ones.

  • ?
    5 days ago

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  • Anonymous
    9 days ago

    I don’t know, but you can buy clip-on sunglasses on Firmoo.com.

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