Why does yahoo change the upper case letter in my e-mail address to a lower case letter?

I have to send an e-mail to a person whose address starts with a capital letter. It is in my contacts correctly, but when I hit the send button it gets returned as undeliverable by yahoo and the capital letter has been changed to lower case…how do I change my settings so that this does not happen…her e-mail starts with the capital letter…

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  • Barkley Hound
    9 days ago

    Case does not usually matter on an email address. Something else is wrong.

    Since the case sensitivity of email addresses can create a lot of confusion, interoperability problems and widespread headaches, it would be foolish to require email addresses to be typed with the correct case. Hardly any email service or ISP does enforce case sensitive email addresses, returning messages whose recipient’s email address was not typed correctly (in all upper case, for example).

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  • riopel
    5 days ago

    Who is your server? You fairly have got to visit the help desk Your name lower or upper case is taken, as the name shouldn’t be case sensitive. This is why the help desk is fundamental to repair this obstacle

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