Why does King Kai have a car?

In Dragonball Z, King Kai owns a car. Does anyone know why he does? I honestly just don’t see the point and it’s driving me crazy not knowing. I hope someone knows!

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  • to ask or not to ask ?
    1 month ago

    For the other answerers who say King Kai doesn’t need a car then how is he suppose to travel along snake way? I remember when Goku was returning from his training with King Kai there was this ogre guy driving his car along snake way. So the answer is he may need it to drive along snakeway if he wants to go to the check in station or something.

  • FallenFootsteps22
    1 month ago

    haha i think the whole point of it is that there is really no point.

    you know, the planet he lives in is sooooooo tiny, whats the point of having a car and yet he has it??? lol…

    most of dragonball z is just supposed to be silly for the most part, with some kickass fighting XP

    I love Bubbles though (the monkey =3 )

  • Beyond
    1 month ago

    There probably is no point to it. It is probably just another one of Akira Toriyama’s gags. Don’t sweat the details and just watch the show most of it is just craziness anyways.

  • Goku VS Naruto
    1 month ago

    trying to be fansy and likes to drive and show off

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