why does it say “access denied” on my virgin mobile phone websites everytime time i download free ringtones?

cuz i grabbed free ringtones fr websites and dey sent me links, but then everytime i go to the link it says ACCESS DENIED…


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  • Anonymous
    1 month ago

    this is the real answer. you can’t download it from links . a few years ago you could get free ringtones on virgin mobile but they wised up and blocked their phones. there is a free ringtone site called Ventones that you can use to convert mp3 files to ringtones. But then you’ll have to put a little work, time and research and find out how to load the ringtone from ventones on your phone.

    its not easy. sometimes you need to download a program like P2k commander for motorola phones or bitpic or bitpim (i think)

  • comp nerd/jock/geek/dude
    1 month ago

    There is unfortunately no way to block it. Virgin Mobile, along with many other providers, has blocked the websites from which you download your free ringtones so that you HAVE to get them from them, because they want to make money.

  • E&D, Trick!
    1 month ago

    Usually, if you don’t have a data plan on a phone then you can’t access the links sites like that send you. You will need to find a new way to get ring tones or else get a data package to be able to use those sites.

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