Why do paramedics almost if not always cut a patient’s clothes off?

I’ve been noticing that when paramedics are getting a patient to the hospital, they often cut the patient’s clothes off. This confuses me, as the patient has to have something to wear after they get well enough to be discharged.

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  • atstdriver
    1 month ago

    It’s done if the paramedics need to expose the person’s body in a hurry or if they need to do so without moving the patient. For instance, after something like a car accident, the paramedics need to be able to see and assess every part of the patient’s body, and as quickly as possible – moreover, the patient may have something like a spinal injury, where moving the patient to remove the clothes without properly stabilizing the patient could worsen the damage. Therefore, they will simply cut the clothes off. Any clothing that isn’t removed before arriving at the hospital will be removed by the ER staff anyway, so whoever is doing the transport will usually just do this before reaching the hospital. The patient will be given a gown/hospital clothes during their stay, and someone can bring a change of clothes later (or they can usually buy something at the hospital, if all else fails).

    If it’s not urgent, however, the patient will just be asked to undress, or the medics/hospital staff will take the clothes off in a normal manner, since they understand that most people get annoyed when their clothes are cut in half – with that said, with particularly annoying patients, they may forgo this courtesy (since they can always argue that they were justified in doing so), so it also pays to not be a pain in the *** to those taking care of you.

  • N
    1 month ago

    It is important for the paramedics and the emergency personnel in the hospital to be able to fully assess the extend of the injuries. Clothing can obscure injuries so they need to be removed for a complete exam.

    The patient’s family will bring clothing for discharge. If the patient is homeless or has no family or friends then social services will arrange for clothing for them.

  • Lindsey
    1 month ago

    They do this because it is faster than trying to unbutton, unzip, etc. a patients clothes, where sometimes minutes or seconds can make the difference. As with me, mine were cut off because paramedics needed to administer cpr, and eventually needed to shock me with the external defibulator, or place heart monitor stickers, this enables them to see the proper place to put the paddles. In cpr, you also have to feel the breast bone, to know the location to do compression. When they recover, if they do, I am sure someone will bring them clothes, and if not, they can wear the hosp gown home!

  • clarine
    4 days ago

    The paramedics decrease each and each of the garments off the affected man or woman even underclothes and bra no matter if or not they are outside in the journey that they imagine it really is neccessary because of injuries… yet they do although attempt to shop the affected man or woman lined with a blanket. i comprehend this from journey… I had a vehicle coincidence the previous december and that i had an open fracture on my leg. They decrease all my outfits off at the same time as i develop into outside even although i develop into freezing. They did this to ensure I had no different extreme injuries….. so certain, they do have the rights to decrease the sufferers outfits off no count number the position they are… outside or no longer chilly or warm…

  • Anonymous
    1 month ago

    it’s so they don’t have to mess with clothes getting in their way. I’m pretty sure the patient’s family will bring will them a change of clothes for when they’re discharged

  • Anonymous
    1 month ago

    I broke plenty of bones in the right side of my body when I hit the freeway.

    If they’d tried to pull my clothes off instead of cutting, it would have killed me.

    Note: They asked me first. The only things they pulled off were my helmet (could not cut through that!) and my shoes. I don’t know why they spared the shoes.

  • Anonymous
    5 days ago

    This question is worth everyone’s attention

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