Why do loads of people hate the keysi fighting method?

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  • Anonymous
    1 month ago

    While I don’t know of many people who hate the keysi fighting method (KFM), I can understand why a few of them do. I don’t agree with them, but I understand it.

    Keysi at its basic level resembles the bastard child of wing chun, silat, and street fighting, and to some extent, this is true, KFM tends to emphasize brutal tactics and techniques in an effort to survive an altercation. In execution, it looks unlike anything most traditional martial artists are used to, and because of these differences, it’s easy for the traditionalist or the sport artist to dismiss KFM as ineffective. KFM doesn’t conform to any standard structure or technique used by other martial arts, nor does it adhere to any sort of rule system. Additionally, because of the brutal nature of response that KFM advocates, it’s easy for the closed-minded outsider to consider it a thug’s art.

    The simple fact is that different works. Because it is so hard to interpret, a practiced keysi user is difficult to counter. As mentioned in past responses, keysi is not above tactics such as biting and gouging (a love shared by arts like krav maga), which in some circles is seen as unsportsmanlike, but is also incredibly difficult fight through. How do you find the will to continue fighting when someone spits your cheek out at you?

    It should be noted that just learning a series of techniques isn’t going to get you through an altercation in the real world. It is imperative that an individual have the mindset to perform said techniques, and an understanding of the nuances of real-world fighting, such as the effects of adrenaline and fear on the body and how that may affect one’s abilities. Also, it is important to note that there is no one end-all, be-all fighting art. No art is perfect, each and every one of them has its flaws. Much of the negativity aimed at KFM comes from a knee jerk reaction to all of the hype surrounding the art after the Batman films, Sure, there’s hype about the art, because it’s new and different. But it is the responsibility of both the detractors and the proponents to look beyond the immediate hype and fight whatever truth lies beneath.

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  • graziose
    5 days ago

    Keysi Fighting Method

  • Jeanne
    7 days ago

    I am a huge fan of Keysi Fighting Method as a self defense system, I like the unique movement, since you are learning how to protect the most precious part of the body, while attacking your opponent with ranges of strikes using your elbow, head, fists, knees and many more. It was recently made famous on the fight scenes of ‘Batman Begins’ which are purely based on Keysi Fighting Method. This page will let you understand more about the fighting methods, and will show you how cool to learn this techniques: http://www.fightclubonline.net/best-keysi-fighting…

  • Jon
    6 days ago

    Hi. This is Jon from Keysi London.

    Keysi is a martial art in its own right and has been a breath of fresh air in the martial arts community.

    Justo founded Keysi Fighting Method or Keysi and has been used in the Dark Knight films which boosted its popularity. These days Justo is the head of Keysi and teaches seminars all over the World. Its an aggressive, technical and the most effective methods of self defence to date. I have studied Wing Chun to black belt level, JuJitsu to 2nd Dan and train in Kyokushin with knockdown fighters on a regular basis. I also do BJJ to compliment my groundwork. I have 25 years experience in martial arts and enjoy teaching Keysi. The energy in the classes is brilliant. No one i know hates Keysi because they TRAIN it. Nuff said!

  • Anonymous
    4 days ago

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  • ?
    1 month ago

    I don’t think people hate it, but it is just the same old “reality based self defence” dirty fighting re-packaged and re-branded and given more publicity.

    There is nothing new to it. It has the same stigma as most of the RBSD which is the cost of it.

    And you can train to be an instructor in a weekend course (a la krav maga) the only qualifications being that your check has cleared.

  • Daniel T
    8 days ago

    Ok so yes there are some unsportsmanlike techniques involved in KFM. So yes if it was to be used in a sports type arena you wouldn’t be allowed to use those techniques. But…

    Keysi was developed for street fighting (from what I understand of it anyway) and as such there are no rules.

    If you walk out of a bar and four guys decide to start attacking you with whatever weapons they may have available, are you going to be worried about how unsportsmanlike it is to kick them in the groin, hit them in the throat or bite their face??? I doubt it.

    In a streetfight the main objective is survival. I work in security and I have seen the results of streetfights. I have yet to become involved in one, but if I do I would be happy to be trained in something as brutal and effective as KFM.

    TL:DR In UFC it wouldnt be right, but in a streetfight do whatever you have to do to survive.

  • ?
    5 days ago

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