Why do I get random “Stop Stealing Bandwidth” signs every now and then?

Sometimes when I’m looking at pictures on the internet (usually through Google Images) I get these annoying “Stop Stealing Bandwidth!” signs / warnings. They are rare but I do get them. What do they mean? Are they referring to me or the person who posted the image? I am not stealing bandwidth, I am on University Internet in my dorm!

Does anyone else get these?

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  • Jason W
    1 month ago

    This happens when someone posts an image on a website that is being hosted on a server other than the one the actual website is being hosted on. It’s called hotlinking and some people get very annoyed when this happens because some servers charge for the amount of bandwidth being used and this essentially “steals” someone elses bandwidth.

  • hamon
    5 days ago

    Stealing Bandwidth

  • Melissa
    5 days ago

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  • i like cereal
    1 month ago

    hotlinking. Only view images hosted on their appropriate sites.

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