why did my braces bands change colour?

I have purple bands on my braces and they turned grey! why do they change colour is it like acids in foods? help please!

5 Answers

  • ♣Vultus Mirus♣
    1 month ago

    It’s natural for things to lose color over time. dont worry about it.

  • dematteo
    5 days ago

    Braces bands can substitute coloration from diverse meals you eat. case in point in case you had blue bands and ate curry this is exceptionally probable they are going to turn green or a diverse coloration. It occurs to each physique so its no longer a foul factor 🙂 and in the adventure that your undecided ask your orthadontist.

  • Tangerinie
    1 month ago

    yup its nothing strange, when i had blue braces they turned green after a while and my hot pink became coral. it has to do with the foods you eat, like mustard or chili how they have staining effeects. nothing to worr about. (:

  • julia
    1 month ago

    It’s from brushing your teeth and eating over time.

    Nothing to worry about, the color just fades.

  • girly 😛
    1 month ago

    they can change color from eating food.don’t worry about it

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