Why Brahmins are in TamilNadu Speaking different Tamil with them self?


Brahmin Tamil : AAthula athimber Yenna pandra?

Natural Tamil:Veetula mama(brother-in-Law) Yenna panukirarar?

English Translation: What’s brother-in-law doing in home?

3 Answers

  • Harish Jharia
    1 month ago

    ‘atula’ is from Sanskrit… and probably not from Tamil…

    Brahmans might be speaking Tamil with some vocabulary from Sanskrit…

  • hamsadhvani
    1 month ago

    I start from the example u have given. The word Aham in Tamil means inside, which stands for the place where we live in. By time and practice it has changed as aaththule; athimber is athai + anbar i.e. the one dear to the aunt. Lately it notified the relation of sister’s husband too. Not only that brahmins have separate tamil, even in Chettinadu, the father’s mom is known is appaaththaa and mother’s mom as ammayee. Such slangs come around in almost all regions of Tamilnadu. Brahmin’s slang attracts many , that is all.

  • lucky s
    1 month ago

    may be the speaks,Sanskrit ?

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