Why are Tottenham fans known as ‘spud’ supporters?

I’ve just seen terry use this expression and now it has me wondering.

Again, I’m not having a go at Tottenham fans, I’m just curious.

Thank You

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  • ?
    1 month ago

    Believe it or not it’s not a insult just what we call them and to Supaspurs is it any more or less idiotic then your supporters playing on the ar$e word, it was spurs fans that first called us Goonies we changed it to Gooners.

    Hannah what do you mean? i don’t know a chant for Wigan!

    Sure we’ll make one up after your relaying the pitch for your northern brothers.

  • ashlock
    4 days ago

    Tottenham Nickname

  • 2OleGEND
    1 month ago

    Just the name Spurs changed to spuds(a word for something useless) to take a swipe at Spurs by rival fans.

  • glory
    5 days ago

    Try having some Spurs supporting friends- it’s almost come to blows today. FQ slapped and opposition fan next to me…. I had a perfectly good reason however.

  • smeghead
    1 month ago

    i think spuds is just a corruption of spurs..change the r into a d….dreamt up my some other clubs fans no doubt,hence the name

  • tottenham til I die
    1 month ago

    Tottenham’s nickname is Spurs so its a play on that.

  • dave3786
    1 month ago

    coz theres 11 spuds on the pitch

  • littlejohn
    1 month ago

    spurs , spud pretty obvious

  • Anonymous
    1 month ago

    they arent.. its just idiot fans using the two first letters of spurs and making an new word…. sp sp sp oh i know spud… im so clever

  • anthony p
    1 month ago

    yh spurs but tottenham are a jewish club

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