Why are some Taurus women so fake and manipulative?

I’ve had a taurus friend for 3 years. I’m a sag and I loved how she was calm, cool, and collected in the beginning. Now after 3 years, she turned “jekyll-hyde” on me. She took advantage of my kindness, became 2 faced, wasn’t as loyal as I thought she was, expected the world to revolve around her schedule (she’s soo freakin last minute!), and she would get oversensitive with little things and be completely oblivious to things you should be considerate about. She would always be jealous and expect people to invite her everywhere. She also has a problem with me being single and thinks i’m “missing out” so she becomes a stubborn matchmaker and sets me up out of her desperation for me. After 3 years, I politely gave her a “no” and she was offended. Like I said, she wasn’t as loyal as I thought she was – I felt that she dropped me as a friend in pursuit of her own selfish interests. I don’t need a friend 24-7 literally but I’m someone who, even though we won’t talk for months, I’ll still be just as loyal fr. the last time we hung out. She seems to only contact me when she wants something and will only be nice at that point.

It’s been hard bc I love my friendships and as I get older, I would rather have few/true blue friends than a bunch of acquaintances. However, I’m also realizing that friendships need to be compatible – it’s funny bc everything I look for in a guy, I would like in a friendship. (good person, classy, smart, mannered, funny, not gossipy/drama, etc..). I also find this taurus to be very tacky sometimes and is oblivious to her words and actions that ultimately affect others around her. She’s also someone (who i’m noticing) likes to talk about other people, so I’m assuming she’ll do this behind my back with others…She also likes attention. She texted me close friend and I just to gloat that she’s graduating and rubbed it in our friend’s face that it’s “sad, she doesn’t have a job yet.” I’ve been distant w. her since the beginning of this year and decided I did not want to put much energy this friendship… I’m sure she notices and when she does, she becomes passive-aggressive. Do you think she knows? And why are SOME tarurus’ like this?

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  • Anonymous
    1 month ago

    Well you describe them to a T. They are passive aggressive. They never show their true selves. My sister is a Taurus and so is my ex husband. They pretend to like you but I overheard both of them gossiping about the majority of their friends. They are competitive and they are very sneaky. They will downplay one friend to another friend just to show they are more loyal to you. They are very vain and love to brag about what they have. They are selfish and they are abusive emotionally and physically. They always want their way and will stop at nothing to get it.

  • Anonymous
    7 days ago

    My wife of 8 years is a Taurus and I’ve never had a problem with her. This is really interesting. All her friends are girls and they all click well. She Is a major feminist though. In the beginning of our relationship she was picky about everything, now she’s as gentle as a lamb. My parents are also Taurus and my parents rarely had conflicts.


  • Anonymous
    5 days ago

    This same thing happened to me and let me tell you the best thing you can do is get rid of that friendship. Long story short the Taurus friend dropped me as a friend because she couldn’t control me, and I was friends with someone she didn’t like. As a Pisces I don’t like anyone controlling me EVER. Fake friends are never a good thing in anyone’s life. If she’s using you what is the point in being friends with her. Trust me you’ll be at peace without her.

  • thats wassup
    6 days ago

    The taurus women i met all have been the type to spread rumors….and pretend to like you they play the loyal game but really its a front. Theres always a hidden agenda later down the line to why they being nice to you. I would say they have an evil streak of wanting to hurt anyones feelings…they get off on it they seem to never run into karma so they bull thru life always remaining oblivious.

  • SavingScarlett
    1 month ago

    I’m a cap/sag and Taurus both men and women LOVE me! Both my best friends are these guys, I LOVE them to DEATH. Yes some can be fake but only because of their insecurities. If they are this is what helps them be confident and themselves (the fakeness) and I don’t want them unhappy. Most ARE not fake though. The other ones who aren’t are manipulative because their points of views are so RIGHT and conservative that everyone else agrees with them.

  • Anonymous
    1 month ago

    i donno whether taurus people are really like this or not, but honestly the kind of experience that i have from taurus girls, is that they are extremely jealous of other girls’ beauty and popularity, they backstab people like hell( especially if the victims are girls who are liked by many)

    they are shopoholics, and are superficial people who are concerned only with their external appearences and personal possessions and wealth..

    they have a huge list of crushes(cute boys) and are real wannabees who want to enjoy life’s pleasures and sensual urges…and a total gossip addict!

    i personally hate taurus girls.. my best friend was a taurus and i broke my friendship with her because she turned out to be a big backstabbing *****..she spread false rumours about me in the entire school just to make me miserable because her ex boyfriend and her so called crushes were crushing on me…she’s not the only taurus girl disaster that i know, they r more..

    but if they are loyal to you, then you’ll see a new side of them..its up to you whether you can bring up that side in her or not..

  • osirekah
    1 month ago

    wow i thought i was alone in thinking this!! iv known quite a few taurus guys and girls and i find them all a bit manipulative and mean! idk y tho….

    maybe theyr jst that little bit more fearless and strong headed, like their sign, the bull.

    Im a leo and i am coincedentally very proud and dominating like my sign the lion. i guess it jst goes like that.

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