Why are sausages curved? Seriously, it’s a real problem for cooks. Why can’t they be straight?

There’s even a restaurant in Vancouver, BC that has buns custom-made-curved because of this!

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  • Alice
    9 days ago

    Natural sausage casings are made from intestines. Intestines grow coiled inside the abdomen of an animal. You can lay the sausage flat, but as it cooks, it will revert to the shape in which it grew.

    You can buy sausage in straight casings if you wish. You can also prick them as they cook, to keep them from curling, although this will cause them to be more dry inside. You can also use smoked sausages, and because they are hung straight, most sections will be straight and not curved, although there will be bits in the middle that are folded.

  • Jason
    9 days ago

    The natural casing of a sausage is from the lining intestinal tract of a cow, goat or sheep. They are naturally curly to begin with, though they can be straitened out. Though to do this, is a process that slows down production, and would increase the costs, by 2.

  • ?
    9 days ago

    It’s the way that links are tied into bundles of three.

    Natural sausage casings are made from intestines.

    Intestines are naturally curved within the animal.

  • Ray L.
    9 days ago

    Sausuages are made by filling a casing with spiced meat. The casing is usually part of an intestine. The intestine does not have equal flexibility across it’s length, so when the casing is filled, it stretches more in some spots than in others, resulting in a non-straight shape.

  • Lorraine
    9 days ago

    All sausages aren’t curved–like breakfast sausage links and Italian sausage. I have no idea why sausage like kielbasa is curved–maybe because a long link is harder to transport and takes up a lot of room? I always cut it up when I use it in recipes.

  • help???
    9 days ago

    many are straight pieces, and even curved, I see them in the grocery store all the time, but the regular shape may be a kickback to prior days too. People like *familiarity most, it gives them feelings of comfort, one thing about food, it is mostly in the emotional memory,then the taste! Why so many are overweight, it’s mostly a comfort *psychological issue,once they conquer that dieting gets much easier, & it stays off longer too.

  • My Alias
    9 days ago

    Chorizo sausage is straight. (but seriously, all sausage is gross, made of ground organ meats, fat and who knows what else)

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