Why am I too worried I won’t pass my probation period at work?

I heard from my colleague, one of my manager is happy with my performance but there would be time where my perfomance is lacking and scared I won’t pass because of that because when my job is piling up, I get stressed and sometimes don’t smile at customers, other times I do. I asked my other manager about my performance, he said that I’ve been OK, not as good as when I started but OK. I heard that on your probation period, they can stop you for no apparent reason and that my reason is my lack of performance. I know I won’t get an extended probation period because they let someone go when they found they’re not happy with his performance. My performance is not as bad as him though

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  • !
    1 month ago

    In customer service, something as simple as a smile is crucial – and it’ll make you feel better if it’s a ‘genuine’ smile. Keep smiling and stay positive!

  • ?
    1 month ago

    I think you are thinking too much and stressing out alot! dont worry, some employers say “hey u r in probation period and if u dont perform well u could be kicked out! etc” so it is normal, just try ur best and be as good as u can. You cannot be good every day, we all have bad days! it is normal. I have had many probations for three jobs i hav ever had so far, i did alot of mistakes in my jobs, but i was trying. there were times, i performed well and times i did not, you are human, we all make mistakes so it is normal and managers do understand that:) so chill out, dont worry too much. Enjoy ur probation and think positive. I am also in probation, i arrive work ontime, i do what i have been asked to do, i am friend and nice to my colleague, the manager seems to like me, i make little mistakes but hey i am new and i am still learning. they will FIRE you ONLY, if you are late, rude to customers, and not doing ur job properly, ifu know what i mean. but u seem to be worried and putting effort to perform well and ur manager told u already, u r doing good! so dont worry. good luck

  • baldyhugsblues
    1 month ago

    most companies want employees who are reliable, turn up for work on time, dont take time off sick.

    so if your performance at work is good overall. concentrate on delivering good customer service and you will be fine.

  • Larry E
    1 month ago

    Just do the best you can. What your managers do is out of your control so if you aren’t kept on permanently you know you did your best.

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