Why am I so mean to my girlfriend?

I have been dating my girlfriend for around 9-10 months now, I love her. We recently moved in together. This relationship has been really rocky from the beggining with her past haunting us. I always feel insecure because she always tells me that theres a few friends of hers that are trying to get her to cheat on me with.

She admits she likes the attention she gets from that, and has had sex with these people in the past and it was good at the time. However this really frustrates me. Ever since she told me this (which has been about 5-6 months ago) I started to treat her differently. I am really rude, and seem like I just don’t care about her anymore.

I don’t know if her saying those things triggered this, or if I just am starting to turn out like every other douche ex shes had. It’s driving me crazy, I try to stop and it works for a few days and it comes back. I will call her stupid, and make really mean jokes to her. I know this question sounds ridiculous but does anyone have tips to stop?

On a side note, shes not always nice to be, even though thats never an excuse for rude behavior. I love her more than anything, and would be devestated if she left me because of this.

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  • Yinu J
    1 month ago

    write out everything what you feel on a paper and read it whenever you feel angry.

    gradually you will find that every word you wrote was stupid.

    then destroy the paper.

    good luck

  • Marli’s Mom
    1 month ago

    Just from a girls point of view, I wouldn’t expect you to treat me very well if I told you I’ve slept with couple of my friends- and it was good. Oh by the way, we’re still friends and they still try to sleep with me. I’m sorry but that’s just ridiculous!

    I’d give her the option to stop talking to these guys or let her go. NO ONE needs someone like that. It sounds like she’s just an attention whore. You should save some time and find someone who’s not looking for attention outside of your relationship.

    It may hurt to leave someone you love, but it only hurts for a little while. And it does make it so much better when you start another relationship with someone that truly deserves everything you have to offer as a person. Maybe this girl you’re with right now doesn’t appreciate everything about you.

    So, I say dump her *** man!

  • ?
    1 month ago

    You are hurt at the thought she would cheat on you, so youre “getting revenge” ahead of time.With the sort of mean behavior you will push her further away from youDont call names and be mean if you really love her. Listen she seems like she is really honest with you,but you act so bad she may not want to continue to be so open.Her telling you of the past should be appreciated.Put the love back in the “front line” where it belongs and cherish your love, then you will be too busy to consatntly be thinking of losing her.

  • Anonymous
    1 month ago

    I agree with some of the people here, you have lost respect because she told you she had sex with those guys, just sit down and talk to her about how you feel. and what ever happens, happens.

  • Anonymous
    1 month ago

    You’ve lost RESPECT for her.

    Because, ever since she’s told you that’s she had sex and was acting like a hoe, yeah, you’ve lost respect.

  • ?
    8 days ago

    Then tell her you feel this way! Be honest! If you were my boyfriend, but you told me what you have in this post, my heart would melt!

  • smarie
    1 month ago

    you have lost respect for her. try looking at all her attributes that make you love her so much.

  • cla ro
    1 month ago

    i think you sub consious is trying to tell you something.

    you need to break this off, before it goes really sour. sorry. and tbh she sounds like a *****

  • spayhappy
    1 month ago

    u cant fix whats broken its time to move on.

  • Danny G
    1 month ago


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