Who has heard of a modelling and talent agency called Imperious Inc?

So I’m in Toronto and looking to get a job in model and acting and I replied to an ad. I missed their calls several times but they were very eager and kept calling. Finally, I called them back a month later and decided to go in for an interview. A week later they agreed to take me in and help me get jobs. I was then signing several paperwork and they told me they will pay for everything, like acting classes, except for the copies of photos they had to supposedly send out to get me jobs. I already deposited some money but they want $1000. They refused to take anything except for cash or money order. Should I be worried about this? Is this a scam? They told me they deal with LA on a daily basis, yet I can’t find any information on them when I google their name. I don’t know anything about them, all I know is their phone number. They seemed honest and told me they can’t guarantee me work but said everybody that came in were successful at getting some. They showed me some photos of those people as well. As for the payment, they said I didn’t have to pay the full amount that day but needs the total balance in a week. I’m new to this business and got insecure when I read about the scams online. Has anyone dealt with them before? I’m poor and can’t afford to get scammed.

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  • Kittysue
    7 days ago

    I’ve never heard of that agency but a legitiamte agency should ONLY make money after they book you on a job then take their commission. I have NEVER heard of any agency asking a model to deposit money for any reason

    I would call ACTRA right away to ask them if this is even legal in Toronto – they are the union that regulates the entertainment industry and researched agencies

    Telephone: 416.928.2278

    Toll-free: 1.877.913.2278


  • Bruce F
    6 days ago


    Photo mills

    In this scam, a talent agency tells you that you need an expensive portfolio of photos in order to get modelling or acting jobs. The agency will say you have to work with a specific photographer or studio, and they will pressure you to purchase photos on the spot.

    If you already have a portfolio of photos, the agency will refuse to use it or will pressure you to add more photos.

    After the agency collects your money, you typically never hear back from them about any work.

    Legitimate agencies don’t require you to buy photos or insist that you only use a particular photographer. If a talent agency wants you to pay for photos up front, walk away.

  • oxygen904
    7 days ago

    I was at their office on Dundas West recently. They want $650 plus tax for 300 photos.4×6 size. They want you to take the $850 offer that includes a cd of your photos.They want cash for no paper trail. They do not promise any jobs and state that you are on your own after you buy the photos. They have one person doing calls and one interviewer that does not identify themselves.I would not deal with them.

  • Linda
    5 days ago

    Every agency will charge you money, you need to look at who will actually represent you. Every actor needs a portfolio but most agencies will just take your money for one and you won t even see it, and make sure there are no monthly or registration fees. The agency I m with constantly gives me auditions and I can always reach the agent.

  • Anonymous
    7 days ago

    I was just there today. The lady told me her name is Elle Oliver. She said she ran out of business cards. She then wrote her name on a sticky note but I noticed that she only wrote her first name. She only wrote her last name after I asked. And who even knows if "Elle Oliver" is her real name. Nothing even comes up if you google Elle Oliver. She did try to sell the fact that headshots are "so old fashioned" as all the contact cards are layed out on her desk.

    Total sketch

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