Who do you resemble most in your family?

Based on appearances, who do you look most like in your family? Parent, grandparent, cousin, etc? I look most like my mom.

Based on personality, who do you most act like? I highly doubt it’s going to be a sibling lol:) I’m most like my dad in that way.

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  • ?
    1 month ago

    I am a happy blend of both of my parents…you can quite clearly see my mother in me….I have her nose and pointy little chin…my dad’s high cheekbones & thin-lipped mouth…when I was a teen, I resembled photos of my mom when she got married…but as I age, I’m seeing more of my father in me.

    My mother is Irish, with the pale, pale skin that freckles & burns when she spends even small amounts of time in the sun and my dad had English & Native American blood…olive skin & jet black hair…I wound up with pale, unblemished skin, green eyes, blonde hair and skin that cannot tolerate the sun…and that great Irish sense of humor…my dad was somewhat laid-back, full of mirth, quick with a joke, a smile and a hand to help both friend and stranger, and loved by all who met him.

    People say he never knew a stranger, and could make anyone his friend….I definitely got *that* from him…

    I got hired by a national radio network shortly before he died, but he never got to hear me on-air. But he was *quite* amazed that ANYONE would pay me to talk for a living. It was, he said, “a natural fit”.

  • ツLouisiana Girlツ
    1 month ago

    Based on appearance: I look like a good mixture of both of my parents. If I stood next to either one of them, it’d be clear that they were my parents. I also look a lot like my Mimi.

    Based on personality: I act like both of my parents combined. Lol. I have a short temper and will stand up for myself quick like my mom. And I cuss at things when I trip over them like my dad. Bahaha. XD I’m most like my mom, though. :]

  • ?
    1 month ago

    Well most of the times – guys look like their moms and daughters look like their dads. Just the way the world runs.

  • ?
    4 days ago

    Whom Do You Resemble

  • Katy
    1 month ago

    People say I look most like and act most like my oldest sister…I’m youngest out of 5 siblings.

  • bookworm530
    1 month ago

    I look most like my Dad (height, moustache, hair… though his hair color was black and I’m light brown to blonde)… actually, I’m a spitting image of HIS Dad (who died in 1937).

    Personality I’m a good mix of both my parents… Dad’s science and outdoors skills, Mom’s cooking and paperwork skills

  • Andy
    1 month ago

    Based on appearances it’s my dad’s dad. Based on personality it’s my mom’s dad.

  • Shedd
    1 month ago

    Appearance and personality- Daddy! Me and my dad are both blonde haired, blue-eyed, love to read, love to act, and love animals (he’s a vet)

  • Anonymous
    1 month ago

    based on appearance, its 50/50 with my parents, personality wise neither. i dont act like anyone in my family

  • bigbrowneyes23
    1 month ago

    My mom and my dad i look like both of them at the same time. like if i stand next to my mom its pretty clear that shes my mom and if i stand next to my dad its pretty clear that he’s my dad

    i act most like my mom

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