Whiskey brats? (boiling brats in whiskey rather than beer)?

We have all heard of beer brats, where you boil the brats in beer then sear then on the grill. I was wondering if there is a way/recipe to boil them in whiskey, and if they would even taste good. The only recipes I have found online are brats with whiskey glazed onions. If anyone has had any success with this, or know of a recipe, I would love to know.

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  • Anonymous
    8 days ago

    mike , you want to simmer the split brats and onions in jack daniels or any bourbon. best way is carefully split brats , thick sliced onions, and some quartered potato’s and sliced peppers and simmer, do not boil, on open grill, occasionally you will have to move pan from direct to indirect heat . 1 hour gets you good flavor! good luck , I think you’ll enjoy this

  • Tyler
    8 days ago

    Actually, just use cheap whisky like Seagrams, it’s only 7 bucks for a pint. Here’s an overnight marinade recipe for brats, warning: lot of alcohol, lots of flavor!

    1. Poke many holes in brats with fork, all the way around. This ensures the marinade can get in.

    2. Put poked brats in a big pot, add whiskey.

    3. Add 1 to 2 bottles beer- dark stuff works a little better

    4. Add about 1 pound pineapple (sliced), personally I use the canned stuff bc there is a lot of juice and bromelaine from pineapples makes meats tender and easier to digest.

    5. Marinade at least 18 hours.

    6. Bing brats to a boil for about 10 minutes, then simmer for an hour.

    7. Throw em on a plate, get some sauerkraut and enjoy!

  • nopper
    5 days ago

    Boiling Brats In Beer

  • pennybarr
    8 days ago

    Probably not a good idea. Whiskey is highly flammable, so your stove or grill could flare up causing a fire or at the very least burning your brats to a crisp. The whiskey glazed sound delicious and would make a really great accompaniment to the brats.

  • Anonymous
    5 days ago

    Never gave too much thought about that

  • barbara
    8 days ago

    Sounds bad to me.

  • John S. Mccue
    8 days ago

    waste of good liquor.

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