Which types of sodas do not contain citric acid or caffeine?

I know things like Sprite, Seirra Mist, Ginger Ale and Root Beer are caffeine free. And of course you can get caffeine free colas like Pepsi or Coke as well.

However, I’m looking for sodas without citric acid as well. I know some Root Beers (if not all) have this quality. Can anyone tell me about any other types like this?

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  • BabyLuv
    1 month ago

    Most soda’s will indicate rather or not they are caffeine free but you’ve got most of them listed here. Sorry! When searching for caffeine free drinks it gets complicated. Cream soda is another one, and some orange or grape sodas are caffeine free as well.

    Also, check your local library for “Life Without Caffeine” by Marina Kushner.

    And visit http://www.caffeineawareness.org/

  • gerstein
    5 days ago

    definite. So do cayenne peppers, Jerusalem artichokes and lettuce. be confident you’ve an hypersensitive reaction and not in any respect basically an intolerance. even if it truly is an intolerance, you may take care of to do something about it. Do an internet search for on “citric acid hypersensitive reaction intolerance” and search for further suggestion. there are a determination of lists accessible of the ingredients that evidently comprise citric acid, to boot as ones which have citric acid regularly further. this is a effortless element and this could be puzzling for you!

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