which song which movie….?

these two songs are of which movie (sorry dnt know the lyrics completely, perfectly)??plz tell me urgently!!

1) tune kya kar dala mar gayi main…(sayiyaan)

2) toota toota ek parinda aise toota…

plz tell fast



plz tell about this also 3) chanda ki doli mein..(sonu nigam)

plz tell about this also 3) chanda ki doli mein..(sonu nigam)

11 Answers

  • swanand
    1 month ago

    1.kailasa -it is an album

    2-waisa bhi hota hai

    download them from mp3hungama.com

  • Rahul Smarty
    1 month ago

    Well Tune kya kar dala is a album song of kailash kher album saiyyan and toota toota is also sung by kailash kher but it’s a movie song and it’s name is waisa bhi hota hai part 2 starring arshad warsi.

    please find both of them at www.punjabi-mobile.com & go to the downloads category then go to music then go to hindi music and next to artist kailash kher

  • mili
    1 month ago

    All three songs do not belong to any films. The first to songs are from the album Kailasa by Kailash Kher and the third song is by Sonu Nigam but I am not sure about the album.

  • demaria
    5 days ago

    Tune Kya Kar Dala

  • Anonymous
    1 month ago

    1) this song is sung by Kailas kher,in his albem ,the name of the album is kailas.

    2)this song is from the movie Waisa bhi hota hai

    and chanda ki daoli mein …is also a song 4m the album .album name is chanda ki doli..

    Well i also like these songs a lot…specially chanda ki doli mein ,pariyon ki jholi mein shehzyadi aii…

  • vish
    1 month ago

    the first song is from a album called KAILASA featuring kailash kher, paresh and naresh

    the second song is from the movie WAISA BHI HOTA HAI (PART II)

    featuring arshad warsi, sandhya mridul,

  • Farha
    1 month ago

    tune kya………is a song of on albem of kailash kher titled ‘kailas’.

    toota toota is a song of movie i d n.

  • Anonymous
    1 month ago

    1.kailasa – album

    2-waisa bhi hota hai

  • sukumar
    1 month ago

    2- waisa bhi hota hai

    visit raaga.com or mp3hungama.com

  • kNOTaLIAwyR
    1 month ago

    / Both are not really from a movie, but instead videos…

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