Which one is correct? ‘Pizzeria’ or ‘Pizzaria’?

I saw both pizzeria and pizzaria were used on websites. I just wonder which one is the correct spelling. Or is it different countries spell it differently? Also, the plural forms are they pizzerias and pizzarias? Thanks.

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  • Kelly
    1 month ago

    “Pizzeria” is the correct one, because it’s a store (“-ria”) where you make “pizze” (that’s “pizzas” in Italian). It’s pronounced “pee-tseh-ree-ah” in standard Italian, and if you wanted more than one pizzeria, that’s “pizzerie” (“pee-tseh-ree-eh”).

  • Suresh S
    1 month ago


  • Re
    1 month ago

    Pizzeria is the correct one. Pizzaria is wrong.

    Kelly is right abour the plural being pizzerie.

    In Spanish speaking countries they probably use the word “Pizzerias”.

  • Mona Lisa
    1 month ago



    The plural of pizza is pizze (or pizzas in English). So a pizzeria is a place were lots of pizzas (pizze) are made. Hence: a pizzeria and not a pizzaria.

  • Anonymous
    5 days ago

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