Which of the company is better to join Amway or Melaleuca?

They said melaleuca is not an mlm, why?

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  • ?
    1 month ago

    I will say Melaleuca, but I’m a marketing exec. with Melaleuca, so there could be no other answer for me!

    I think you should look at each of them closely and go with the one you feel has the most opportunity, since either one is going to be very hard to make a living at. You have to firmly believe that the company you represent is the answer, and the only answer, if not you may find it hard to work the business when your not making much money.

    Amway has been around forever, and if it was going to work it would have caught on by now! Not that showing people Melaleuca is all peaches n cream! If you can’t see a presentation on either one of these business without just knowing this just makes sense, than I would suggest you keep looking.

    When I was shown Melaleuca, I kept wondering how it was possible for sch a great company had not been shown to me before! And Amway I’ve been shown more than once and never even felt interested, it didn’t make enough since to me.

    The reason they say Melaleuca is not an MLM, is you do not resell products, no passing out free samples, or buying sales materials, you don’t make money from recruiting others(such as; they pay 200 to join and your paid part of that fee). There may be a couple of more reasons as well.


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  • John
    7 days ago

    Melaleuca is so much better than amway. I did both of them and Melaleuca has American made products. American employees and you dont have to sell anthing or collect money. All you do is show a presentation. They sign up like a sams club membership and everything they buy for the rest of there life I get 20% commission on weather I ever see them again or not. Also are products are so much better and more affordable. Amway cost more and only sell more because we are strick on NO advertising. It is only word of mouth unlike Amway. I have made 10 times more with melaleuca and i didnt invest a dime and I never sold anything and we at Melaleuca have a 96% re order rate every month and every year. Amway is lucky to have a 40% re order rate a month. You sign 3 people up in America in Amway 2 will quit the next month. We sign 10 people up and 9 of them stay in for LIFE. So tell me who has the more dependable business. I lost money when i was with Amway. Only the people that got in years ago are making money. The new people in Amway get screwed in my opinion. helppa.info for a good coach on how to make a fortune with melaleuca.

  • pepsiboy83
    1 month ago

    No idea about Melaleuca but I do know that Amway has been around for 50 years. It’s privatelyy held and debt free. It’s profits are rising and they have great products. The system is extremely hard work just like with any other business but I see no problems with it. I was once an Amway distributor. I now own 4 businesses based partly on the training I received through there. Not because the business was bad but my strengths were in different areas.

  • Sulema
    6 days ago

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    Which of the company is better to join Amway or Melaleuca?

    They said melaleuca is not an mlm, why?

  • David Steadson
    1 month ago

    Melaleuca says they’re not an MLM because they’re trying to avoid being associated with all the pyramid schemes that *call* themselves MLM. A case in point being Christian’s comments about not being paid for recruiting people – you’re not paid for recruiting people in *any* MLM, including Amway and Melaleuca. Being paid for recruiting is a sign of a pyramid scheme. Unfortunately for the whole industry pyramid schemes all like to claim they’re MLMs and thus the people things what they do is what MLMs do. We don’t! The other issues listed both exist and don’t exist in other MLMs, it depends on the company. None of them are relevant to the MLM model, which refers to whether you can earn commissions on the sales of those you recruit, and you can with Melaluca.

    With regards to which is better, well, like Christian except in the other direction I’m an Amway business owner, so I have my own biases. Contrary to claims, Amway *has* caught on, with over $8.2 billion in sales in 2008 (cf $885million for Melaleuca) it’s one of the world’s largest retailers, the second largest direct sales company, and one of the world’s largest private companies. Amway’s US website is ranked the #1 health & beauty retail website in North America (and thus likely the world). It’s Nutrilite brand is the #1 best selling nutrition brand in the world, three times the size of it’s nearest competitor (Centrum). The Artistry brand is one of the top 4 best selling lines of prestige cosmetics and skincare … and that’s just two of many Amway brands.

    Still, what is perhaps more important is which one you like the best, which one has products you believe in the most, and most important – who you join with in each company. While I think Amway is world’s ahead of Melaleuca, I’d rather join good people and a good team with Melaleuca than bad people and a bad team with Amway. Choose your team well, someone you can relate to and connect with, and who offers professional training and education in building a profitable, stable network marketing business.

  • ?
    6 days ago

    I ve done Amway, Herbalife, Starlite, Market America, and Melaleuca. Melaleuca is the only one I received a check from – and that after just my FIRST month!!! You know which one I think is best? THE ONE THAT PAID ME!

  • chizmar
    4 days ago

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