Which is the deadliest martial art in the world. Justify also?

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  • Sledgey
    2 decades ago

    Martial Arts if used as a self defensive weapon is very different if used in an attacking mode.

    Close hand to hand stuff, on a playground, on the street (unarmed), in the local pub, has to be Ju Jitsu.

    All of these situations end up in a roll on the ground. An arm bar, leg lock, rear naked choke is going to be easier to get control or simply put one to sleep, with limited damage to both sides.

    If you think two fighters are going to stand up and bang like on the TV show “So you wanna fight” for example, that’ll last about 45 seconds tops. Someone gets lucky and connects or too tired to swing anymore.

    Ju Jitsu takes you straight to ground and into submission or a position to break something, a lot quicker if you keep your head. A “kamora” (sp) can be held in place with little or no exertion for hours. An arm bar is easy to get if your opponent has no idea what you are trying to do, in most cases the worst he can do is bite your leg. You on the other hand can pop, dislocate or break his arm with ease and at will.

    Unless you are Ray Sefo, forget about standing up for a head to head toe to toe.

    Rodrigo Antonio Noguiera (sp), at this point in time is unbeatable no matter what style or form you bring to the ring, even under a no rules, anything goes format. He’s just that good!

    Pride fighting is so far ahead of the others like UFC or the other MMA codes. Perhaps the only one to come close would be ‘Vale Tudo’, in its amount freedom, but the action is few and far between. That’s just MHO.

  • Ipshwitz
    2 decades ago

    As stated above, there is not ‘deadliest’ form of martial arts. I’ve been doing it for about 15 years now and have not found one more deadlier than other. I’ve learned many different styles from the solid Shotokan to the flowing Kapuata (sp?) and find that each one brings something new to the table.

    However, the world’s most renown fighters, the Shao-Lin Fighting monks use a style called Lohan Ch’uan. Which is a very deadly style to go against as they have been integrating it into their lifestyle for years and not only practice it, but live it.

  • Anonymous
    2 decades ago

    Military martial arts systems are the deadliest because these are training systems for soldiers to use in real war situations that include guns and knives, as well as a great emphasis on extreme fitness. If you are not very fit, you may know more techniques than your opponent but they will beat you if you are not strong enough to have a long fight against them. Every army in the world practices a variety of martial arts but they all keep it simple and deadly because soldiers need to win quickly and move on, not like in a professional fight. For weapons fighting, the many Chinese styles of martial arts that emphasize weapons training are probably the best and for hand to hand combat, wrestling, ju-jitsu, boxing and kick-boxing are the most deadly if learned together as they cover virtually all of the possibilities in a real fiight. This article is excellent – http://www.answers.com/list%20of%20martial%20arts

  • Anonymous
    7 days ago

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  • Steel
    2 decades ago

    I have studied several different martial arts since childhood, and have been studying Chinese martial arts for the last ten years. All the systems I have studied are deadly in their own regard, but I think the most deadly of all is “Ca-Chung”. That is the sound a .45 makes when you cock it back.

    I love my martial arts, but I can’t block bullets! Besides, any chump on the street can learn to shoot in two seconds (not necessarily well, but can shoot nonetheless). Chumps with guns are pretty scary…

  • dmbfan598
    2 decades ago

    Krav Maga, and I’m talking to the style they teach to the military, the kind the IDF uses. This martial art focuses on gaining any advantage to win, and most offenly disable the oppenent. It is a very practical martial art.

  • Jared O
    2 decades ago

    All arts are deadly in the right hands, but not everyone can deliver a Superfoot Wallace sidekick to the head or neck. However, anyone can be trained to choke someone. I would say that any art incorporating a mixture of strikes, wrestling, joint-locks, pressure-points, and other human body weaknesses (eyes, groin, lips, ears, throat, ect.) will teach you how to get the job done if need be.

  • Marcel
    2 decades ago

    Fuji Ryu Jujitsu (Under El Amin Ryu, Las Vegas) – they teach you stand up, take down, grappling, weapons, strangles, counters, follow ups, (Example: After taking down or throwing an opponent, they train you to mount and use Ude Garami, eye gouge, punches to the throat, other atemi waza. I remember when the Shihan was teaching us a sweep from the gaurd position. (This ends up with you in the mount position.) He had his thumbs to the uke’s eyes as the follow up after the sweep. They teach traditional and modern jujitsu and stress safety in the technique, so that no one training will get injured. Not only that, they treat you as a family there. Fuji Ryu was previously based out of New York, but now the main training center is based in Vegas. The stlye has been modified from its previous syllabus that was based from NY, to cover a vast majority of areas in martial arts. (From striking and takedowns, to grappling, and submissions.) The Shihan has already gotten recognition from Wally Jay (Small Circle Jujitsu). I will tell you the only thing that they don’t have is Free Randori (Aikdo and Judo) and sparring (MMA Sparring). These guys teach jujitsu the way that it was traditionally taught – with no competition involved.

  • Anonymous
    2 decades ago

    LMAO @ some of answers.

    Touch of death is a joke! It’s a fairy tale. Hapikido is more of a gymnastic and they can’t even kick for sh!t.

    If you want to take just one deadliest style in world, learn Close Quarter Combat but good luck. Only real way you can learn the effective one is in very specific military special force.

    If you want to learn one on your own take:

    boxing for punches and power of punches

    Muay Thai for kicks, elbows, knees and clinch

    Judo for take down, throw, and sweep

    wrestling for take down and positioning

    brazilian jiu jitsu for locks

    San Shou for throw and strikes

    but good luck training in all of those. Even with that skills, you still wouldn’t be able to fly, disappear in shadow, lure chicks, make you look sexier, allow you to beat up 20 drunk hill billies, or whatever. It all will just become a muscle memory and disappear in back of your head and it will become as normal as running or beathing. No one will really give a **** if you are deadliest fighter in the world unless you fight in Pride or other orgization.

  • Anonymous
    2 decades ago

    there is no most dangerous.. even soft styles like a the art i take ( that has no strikes has moves where you break 3 bones in 1 technique.. but the 1 ment 2 kill…. marines line system… EVERYTHING in that is ment 2 kill… so the marines got rid of it in 02 and got a martial art program… so some military one…. maby krev maga… no… thats just violent…

    oh most deadly iado hands down i mean u cut straight throu ppls heads if u got a high quality katana.. or then again LINE SYSTEM

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