Where is ten buck 2?

where did the phrase originate?

7 Answers

  • scottishpride75
    2 decades ago

    Do you mean “Timbuktu”, which is a city in Mali, a country in West Africa?

  • MitchHellman
    2 decades ago

    It’s not ten buck 2– it’s Timbuktu. Timbuktu, also spelled TOMBOUCTOU, is a city in the West African nation of Mali.

  • norfolknwaypal
    2 decades ago

    It’s Timbuktu and it’s a small area in the province of Mali, Africa

  • dizzy
    2 decades ago

    ten buck 2 is actualy Timbuktu and it is in Africa

  • dedang52
    2 decades ago


    2 decades ago

    I think it some where near BFE (bum Fu## Eygept).

  • moltenlava
    2 decades ago

    Yup. Africa region.

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