Where is an english translation of the story “La Camisa de Margarita”?

I need an english translation of the story.

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  • Melis
    1 month ago

    This is a summary:

    Margarita´s Shirt

    Margarita Pareja, daughter of Raimundo Pareja, is a young girl who fell in love with Luis Alcàzar, who is poor and just arrived to live with his uncle, Don Honorato, who is rich. Luis asks for Margarita’s hand in marriage, but her father refuses because he doesn´t want to see his daughter married to someone poor. When the uncle, Honorato, hears about this, he is offended, and Margarita goes into such a depression that the doctors tell her father that she will die if he doesn´t let her marry Luis.

    Raimundo goes to see Honorato to propose that the two marry, but Honorato puts down one condition: Margarita cannot bring anything into the marriage; she will have to come empty-handed. Raimundo insists that she al least be allowed to have an extra shirt to change into, and Honorato agrees.

    The day of the wedding, Raimundo keeps his promise and all Margarita brings is an extra shirt. What Honorato doesn´t know is that the lace adorning the shirt is worth two-thousand seven-hundred “duros” and the cord around the neckline is made of diamonds valued at thirty thousand “morlacos.”

    If Honorato would´ve known the value of the shirt, he would have forced the two to divorce. That is why Margarita´s shirt became so well known.

  • rohitash
    5 days ago

    Margarita In English

  • StormyWeather
    1 month ago

    Thank you for the credit, Melis. I hope you get the ten points for your honesty 🙂

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