Where have axxo,fxg and fxm gone?

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  • norris900
    1 month ago

    Well my guess is that it has something to do with the legal attacks on Pirate Bay. The pirate bay guys were convicted (even if it was dubiously) March 9th

    As far as i have looked axxo ceased posting movies on March 11th, hard to believe that is a coincidence.

    FxG has posted 9 movies since then up until the 26th April roughly

    FxM has post 8 movies sup until the 1st May

    Klaxxon hasn’t posted since the 11th April

    Here is some pure speculation, i believe these names have been targeted specifically along side the websites.

    I believe this as its the way i would do it. Mess with the websites so they are running around trying to protect themselves and find new leadership and then aquire the names of all the major media seeds legally of illegally as subtly as possible.

    A small purpose built virus or even just a backhander to a server admin to source registration details email addresses anything to get hold of a paper trail on these people. Once i had that paper trail i would strike out of the blue like having them fired from what ever job they have, get their internet connection and computer time severely reduced or terminated (make their lives hell) even accuse them of being terrorists just to get them behind bars for a few days.

    Shake them up scare them a little and show them they are not untouchable.

    Shake up file trading for a few months alone and the film and music companies will save more than enough money to bribe a lot of people and get what ever they want

  • Tip
    1 month ago

    I agree with Norris. And to expand his post a bit, just think if you were the aforementioned axxo, fxg, or fxm…. you would NOT be posting your name once you realize the heat is coming down on you. Sure it’s great having thousands if not millions of people on the web thanking you like a god but it’s not worth going to jail over. For all we know they are still uploading torrents, just not under their usual names. And for all we know Axxo, FXG, and FXM are all the same person. Highly unlikly, but it is possible.

  • rt
    1 month ago

    aXXo has been gone for a while, but I think(but am not sure) FXG and FXM are not uploading because some torrent sights(mininova) have been filtering out copyright violated torrents. I saw some torrents from FXG and FXM deleted from them, and ever since they haven’t been uploading.Maybe I’m wrong. They might just be taking a break.

  • ?
    5 days ago

    What Happened To Axxo

  • Anonymous
    1 month ago

    They cant have been caught are the press would be all over it especially with all the copyright wars going on over than that I don’t think anyone knows 🙁 im upset as well.

  • sharon H
    1 month ago

    hi, they have gone no were, look on isohunt. all the files are there. download from them regular

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