Where can you get an Infinitink tattoo?

There’s a permanent ink tattoo you can get using Infinitink. Do you know if there are any tattoo parlors where you can get a tattoo by someone using Infinitink?

2 Answers

  • Anonymous
    1 month ago


    there is a list on that page

    But make sure you want a tattoo before you get it. you shouldnt be getting a tattoo with the intentions of removing it in the future. it should be something you want

  • leeman
    5 days ago

    In my individual opinon, if you happen to consider any doubt approximately getting a tattoo potentially eliminated one day, you can also desire to keep off in your decison to get one till you consider extra steady for your proposal. That apart, sure it is been validated that Infintink is less difficult to take away however nonetheless, the rate of laser removing and the soreness that is going along side even one consultation nonetheless bites. Lol. Yet, this ink remains to be new and in it is coaching wheel levels and simplest in a couple of stores national. Plus many save house owners kinda resent it as “an effortless method out” and decide on to not bring it of their shops. It’s been out for a yr within the states however it is nonetheless infrequent. Not certain approximately Canada. You’d usually must name a relatively a couple of stores to look in the event that they present it.

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