Where can i find the 7 Chlorophyll Solution in bioshock?

I have already have 4 of them but I can’t find the rest of them in the game.Can you guys Help me so I can find the last 3 of the Chlorophyll?

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  • TeknoKid
    1 month ago

    The Houdini Splicers tend to have Chlorophyll..

    Look for the two wet cave rooms in Arcadia (Upper and Lower Rolling Hills) which contain Chlorophyll and 2 Houdini Splicers each who will also have Chlorophyll..

    There is also one in Longford’s office (filing cabinet)..

    And in the room with the Gene Bank and U-Invent down all the stairs outside the door to Rolling Hills..

    That’s 8 all together (you only need seven).. you can also find some more on other Houdini Splicers around Arcadia and the Farmer’s Market

  • ?
    5 days ago

    Where To Get Chlorophyll

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