Where can I find my junior high yearbooks?

I went to a los angeles school district.

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  • GenevievesMom
    1 month ago

    The school’s library would have them. Otherwise you’ll have to contact old classmates and see if they kept theirs.

  • garverick
    4 days ago

    Junior High School Yearbooks

  • griglik
    5 days ago

    Junior High Yearbooks

  • Anonymous
    6 days ago

    This Site Might Help You.


    Where can I find my junior high yearbooks?

    I went to a los angeles school district.

  • jan51601
    1 month ago


    You can be a Registered Guest if you are not a member, but go to that webpage. Along the right side–in their database listings–click on this (Photos & Maps


    – US School Yearbooks (Click this link)

    New page opens up (http://content.ancestry.com/iexec/?htx=List&dbid=8… At the bottom of the page, choose a state and click on the state link.

    The schools listed for Los Angeles are:

    Alfred Bernhard Nobel Junior High School — Garfield High School Lafayette Junior High School

    Belmont High School — Genius — Lincoln High School

    Burr — George Washington High School — Los Angeles High School

    Campanile — James A Garfield High School — Manual Arts High School

    Dana Junior High School — John Burroughs Junior High — Polytechnic High School

    Dana Log — John Burroughs Junior High School — Polytechnic Student

    Fremontian — John Marshall High School — Siren

    Click on the school name’s link if yours is listed.As an example, Belmont High School has only 1942 listed.

    Since you mentioned Junior High School yearbooks,

    Alfred Bernhard Nobel Junior High School has only 1962 yearbooks

    Dana Junior High School has only 1931.

    John Burroughs Junior High has only 1944

    John Burroughs Junior High School has only 1953 and 1955

    Lafayette Junior High School has only 1950

    So, if your class was later than those years, your best bet would be to contact the school itself or check to see if they have a website and look at their archives. A Yahoo search has 8,870,000 listings for Polytechnic High School (yes, 8.8 MILLION) alone.

  • Anita
    5 days ago

    I got a yearbook every year I was in school. My parents bought them when I was younger, then once I was in high school I paid for half. I’m now 27 and still look back at all of them once in a while. I would definitely get the yearbooks for my children, if I had them, and I’m very glad my parents got them for me.

  • Rolando Perez
    7 days ago

    henry h filer junior high school 1976 and 1977 in hilaeah, fla

  • Annabelle
    1 month ago

    You would have to contact the school. That is not something that you can get on the internet, with the rare exception of possibly finding one on ebay.

  • Anonymous
    6 days ago
  • Windy
    7 days ago

    1944 year book

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