Where can I find Malady in Maplestory?

I know that it is in Ellinia, but I have difficulty finding the exact location. Can someone please tell me the exact location (how many portals from Ellinia in what direction)? Thanks a lot! 😀 Your help is greatly appreciated!

3 Answers

  • d0Le
    1 month ago

    Ellina botom left portal >Victoria Road: Field South of Ellinia >Victoria Road: Forest of Wisdom [play around with the tree holes till you get to the top>Hidden Street: Monkey Forest I [go to the tree hole on the top right] >Hidden Street: Monkey Forest II [tree hole 2nd to the top]>Hidden Street: Forest of Evil I there are ur maladies 😀

    http://global.hidden-street.net/maps/vielliniasout… <- for pictures for visual references

  • plaskett
    4 days ago

    Malady Maplestory

  • Anonymous
    5 days ago

    you can find her in Kerning city, she is in the middle of nella and icarus. you have to go up a telephone poll to see her

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