Where can I buy stuff for dental braces maintenance in Metro Manila?

I would like to find some plae wherein i can buy stuff to clean my teeth with braces.

Like the:

toothbrush (electric and proxy)

orthodontic wax

floss threader


overall oral care for braced teeth

3 Answers

  • bong62
    1 month ago

    visit some dental supplies store in Quiapo…

    My brother’s a dental tech. and he buy supplies there

  • Smilerx
    1 month ago

    These stuffs are not found in drugstores in Metro Manila.

    Searched online and found this: source for oral care goodies:

    Check it here:




  • annely
    1 month ago

    You can probably get those at any drug store and/or pharmacy in the Philippines. Check out stores like Mercury Drug and Watsons.

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