when choosing a major for college, what does AS and CA mean?

for example,

DVC-personal trainer (AS)

Dvc-personal trainer (CA)

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  • pj
    1 month ago

    Most likely AS stands for Associate of Science (a two year college degree)

    CA may stand for Certificate of Achievement (the time frame varies for certificate programs)

    Look in the college catalog (website, college bookstore or library) for details about degrees and the requirements.

    You could also ask questions at the college library. Many libraries now offer assistance through some kind of chat service. Examples:





    Edit: Does DVC in this case stand for Diablo Valley College? http://www.dvc.edu/org/programs.htm

    Personal trainer info: http://www.dvc.edu/org/departments/pe/degrees-and-…

  • laforce
    4 days ago

    Ca In College

  • Linda
    5 days ago

    First of all clam down. You have 2 years to select a major. I have a friend who was in the same kind of situation that you are in right now. She loved baking and cooking and wanted to incorporate them into her daily routine. She also wanted to be her own boss so she earned a BA in hotel and restaurant management. Then she got her culinary associates degree at a community college. She then worked in a bakery for several years (about 5 or 6) finally she earned enough money and experience to open a small bakery of her own. She is doing quite well with her business now. She credits her education as a big part of her success and her experience working in the bakery as the other part of her success (she worked in both parts of the bakery the office side and the cooking side). Hospitality and restaurant management might be a good choice for you if you want to open up your own coffee shop. I would make an appointment to speak with an academic adviser about your career options this coming semester. Also see if you can speak to some of the professors in the business department about your plans. I bet they will be able to tell you more about what you should major in and what kinds of classes you should take in order to help you achieve your goals. I hope this helps good luck with school! I am sure once you get settled you will do just fine!

  • Anonymous
    5 days ago

    I graduated from a California State University campus and earned my law degree at a University of California campus. Since you raised the issue, I am sure that you are aware that two of your listed universities are almost entirely black and three have very few black students and are in areas with very small black populations. So this issue will be one factor in your decision. If I lived in an upper middle class area of Los Angeles and were pre-law, I would attend a campus of UC or CSU and save for law school thousands of dollars in out of state or private university tuition fees that I would not have to pay at a public California university. It is never worthwhile to go to undergraduate school at an out of state public university unless you are certain that you want to study a major that is not offered at your state university.

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