what’s wrong with my turtle? swimming in circles/spinning?

i have 2 baby RES about 5 months old. theyre like 5cm long or around that. i left them with my boyfriend for two days so he could take care of them. he has a RES the same size and age. when he was taking care of my turtles he caled me and told me that one of them was doing flips/spinning. i didnt know what he was talking about so i didnt pay attention. before i noticed that the filter in his tank had a really strong current so i told him if he could turn it off in case it is hard for my turtles to swim but he said that the filter wouldnt affect then so he didnt turtn it off.. he gave the turtles back today and i put them in my tank and noticed that one of them, just one is spinning aroilund and doing flips. the other one seems normal. im very worried and idk what it is. can somebody please help me? :/

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  • sammi
    10 hours ago


    It sounds like he has a respiratory infection. Raise the water temperatures to help him for now – but you need to get the little guy to a vet.

    Hope he gets better soon.

  • Caesar
    10 hours ago

    I found out not to long ago that selling baby turtles that small are illegal to sell because they need there parent. My baby red ear slider turtle is quarter size and has done the same thing, but that was because my girl dropped him in really hot water by mistake. He ended up healing so i guess i could say to give it a wait, but if it starts making a noise to it could be a respiratory infection(breathing problem) that causes them to kind of swim lob sided. If that’s the case see a vet immediately.

    Also the lady that told me they are illegal said that if you have it away from its mom at that age that the chances of it living are slim, so its not your fault if it happens to get ill.

    Good luck!

  • ?
    10 hours ago

    For most animals, even dogs, running or swimming in circles is a sign of not being healthy or happy. I would take your turtle to the vet. We can try home healing all we like but bottom line the vet gets paid to fix the problems. Sorry for no home cure.

  • Faith
    10 hours ago

    to the first guy that answered this,

    tutrles hatch. in eggs.

    their mother lays eggs and then leaves.

    they dont need there mother.

    however, it is supposably illegal to purchase them at that size

    it sounds like the little guys buoyancy is off.

    not quite sure what couldve caused it.

    i remember the first RES i ever had used to do something like that (swam upside down) but i couldn’t figure out what was wrong in time.

    id recommend turning the current down until he gets better

    if it doesn’t, you should take him to a vet.

    is he getting uva and uvb lighting?

    that could have something to do with it if he isn’t.

    i hope this helped!

  • gaznes
    4 days ago

    it fairly is surely conventional for energetic aquatic turtles. Reptiles in lots of situations have a no longer ordinary time know-how glass, so as that they are going to bump up against it each and all of the time. What you’re waiting to do to help him understand his “tank limitations” is to place in those fish aquarium backgrounds on 3 factors, so as that throughout the time of basic terms the front viewing section is glass. in case you place in this on the interior the tank, then your turtle will understand the placement the partitions are. there’s no longer plenty you’re waiting to do approximately bumping into the glass indoors the front of the tank interior the process feeding time. Turtles in lots of situations get rather excited collectively as being fed. Regardless, that’s uncomplicated and it does no longer injury them, so i does no longer hardship approximately it too plenty. you additionally can grant him some subject concerns to realize this he stops swimming into the partitions all day. you’re waiting to be waiting to grant him some vegetables to eat and which will grant him some excitement. for instance, I grant my turtle super products of leafy vegetables which will flow on the floor of the water and he will chase the little products he bites off as they get pushed around indoors the water by capacity of utilising the clear out. each and each time I grant him a vegetable that sinks, he will pass digging around the stones on the floor to discover each and all of the little products. in basic terms some concepts you ought to purpose. desire that facilitates!

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