What’s the meaning of the word ‘KADOOS’?

my girl grnd called me KADOOS! and when i asked her 4 the meaning…she asked me 2 findout!!

can any1 help me!

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  • vivek
    9 days ago

    It is hindi word, written as ‘खडूश’ its a humorous word describing anger of the person & his ‘CRUELTY’

  • shahabmaboud
    7 days ago

    Kadoos is the name of the subroot of Arya race that used to live in Persian during the Persian Emperor,

    Kadoosian mostly live near by the caspian sea, which is currently belongs to Iran. I believe what your daughter is calling you is not Kadoos.

  • ?
    9 days ago

    umm…okay..I’m supposing that you mean “khadoos”

    It literally means Stubborn but it could also mean Grumpy,Stuck-up, Snobbish.

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